Dexter's Laboratory - Season 3

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • "Glove At First Sight" (9 minutes) It's a flashback to the 80s as Mom deals with her germaphobia with the slob that will someday be her true love. "A Mom & Dad Cartoon" (4 minutes) Mom and Dad are innocently playing Scrabble when the accusations begin to fly. As they ask each other dark questions like "have you been cheating on me," they fail to realize that Dexter and Dee Dee are listening outside the door, misinterpreting everything they are hearing. "Smells Like Victory" (9 minutes) When the military invades Dexter's lab thinking it is an alien base, an all-out war ensues, army vs. robots.moreless
  • "Comic Relief" (9 minutes) When reading his latest comic book adventure isn't enough for Dexter, he makes a machine so he can create his own adventure. Dexter enters this comic book world and becomes a comic book hero himself-complete with his own supervillain to battle. "A Third Dad Cartoon" (4 minutes) Dad sets out on a golf course, preparing himself to hit a ball. But by the time he is ready, it begins to rain. "Robo Dext 3000" (9 minutes) When Dexter realizes the Robo Dexo 2000 is obsolete, he builds the bigger and better Robo Dexo 3000. But this new machine may end up to be too advanced and Dexter learns that tossing out the old for the new isn't always the best idea.moreless
  • "Dos Boot" (9 minutes) When Mandark downloads himself into Dexter's computer, Dexter must upload himself in order to combat this virus. "A Dee Dee Cartoon" (4 minutes) When Dexter orders Dee Dee out of his lab once again, she retreats to her room and begins playing in the amazing laboratory of her mind. "Would You Like That in the Can" (9 minutes) When Dexter's precious schematic is mistakenly taken into the Girls' bathroom, Dexter and Mordecai venture in as girls only to discover what a wonderful world the Girls' bathroom truly is.moreless
  • "Poppa Wheelie" (9 minutes) When Dexter's school has Career Day, Dexter doesn't want to bring his boring Dad so he hired a Scientist as a replacement. When this Scientist ends up boring the entire class and ridiculing Dexter, Dexter is surprised as his real Dad shows up on a motorcycle and does an awesome dare-devil jump! "A Mom Cartoon" (4 minutes) Mom is shopping and suddenly a sale is announced. She springs into action, fighting tooth and nail to get that sale item. "Mockside of the Moon" (9 minutes) Dexter discovers that the moon is hallow and monsters are living inside, waiting for the perfect time to destroy the planet. When a lunar eclipse occurs, the monsters go into action and only Dexter, with his Robo Dexo 2000, can stop them.moreless
  • "Copping an Attitude" (9 minutes) Dexter goes to college ready to learn only to discover it's party central. But when Dexter fries out by over-studying, he's ready to party and creates the biggest party ever. "A Failed Lab Experiment" (4 minutes) Dexter has just finished creating new glasses-his latest, greatest invention. He places them on his face and, according to his reactions, it appears that he has succeeded. But when he comes upon his family the happy look on his face turns to one of horror. "The Grand Daddy of All Inventions" (9 minutes) Dexter's Grandpa tells him a secret-he's an inventor with a secret lab! But Dexter discovers that Grandpa's greatest invention is nothing but an old Rube Goldberg-esque hodgepodge of silliness.moreless
  • Chicken Scratch
    Chicken Scratch
    Episode 37
    Dexter wakes up looking for a splendid day of Science only to find out that he has the Chicken Pox. Dee Dee tells him a ridiculous tale that if he keeps scratching them, he will turn into a chicken. Throughout the episode, he tries his best not to scratch, only to fail horribly.moreless
  • My Dad vs. Your Dad
    My Dad vs. Your Dad
    Episode 36
    Both Dexter and Mandark's fathers intercede during another of Dexter and Mandark's petty squabbles, but their effort to get along with one another backfire, and the two also soon engage in a heated fight.
  • Scare Tactics
    Episode 35
    Dexter and Dad watch a late night horror movie, and spend a scary night in there house.
  • Go, Dexter Family, Go!
    Dexter and his family are kidnapped by aliens, so now it is up to the Dexter Family to return home.
  • Comic Relief; A Third Dad Cartoon; Robo Dexo 3000
    Comic Relief: When reading his latest comic book adventure isn't enough for Dexter, he creates a machine that makes them real. A Third Dad Cartoon: Dad steps out on a golf course and prepares to tee up his first ball. By the time he is ready, unfortunately, it begins to rain. Robo Dexo 3000: When Dexter realizes the Robo Dexo 2000 is obsolete, he builds the bigger and better Robo Dexo 3000.moreless
  • 7/12/02
    Dexter and Koosy must save Peepers, otherwise the whole land of Koz will disappear.
  • Bar Exam
    Bar Exam
    Episode 32
    Dexter must pass a physical bar exam if he wants to pass P.E.
  • Another Dad Cartoon
    Another Dad Cartoon
    Episode 31
    While Mom, Dexter and Dee Dee are out shopping, Dad decides to spend the afternoon dancing... like Tom Cruise in Risky Business.
  • Oh, Brother
    Episode 30
    Dexter uses his newest creation to turn Dee Dee into a boy, but the male version of Dee Dee (Doo Dee) is not as cool as Dexter thought it would.
  • Smells Like Victory
    Smells Like Victory
    Episode 29
    The U.S. army invades Dexter's lab and Dexter fights them, each side thinking the other is a troop of aliens.
  • A Mom & Dad Cartoon
    A Mom & Dad Cartoon
    Episode 28
    Mom and Dad are having a discussion while playing scrabble, a discussion that Dexter and Dee Dee don't interpretate the right way.
  • Glove at First Sight
    Mom and Dad recall the moments that got them together.
  • RoboDexo 3000
    RoboDexo 3000
    Episode 26
    Dexter creates the ultimate robot (RoboDexo 3000) to replace his previous 200 model.
  • A Third Dad Cartoon
    A Third Dad Cartoon
    Episode 25
    Dad goes with the kids to play some golf.
  • Comic Relief
    Comic Relief
    Episode 24
    Dexter creates a special device that lets him create his own life-like superhero comic... along with his sister villian "Deestructa".
  • Opposites Attract
    Opposites Attract
    Episode 23
    Dexter creates a magnetic field to keep Dee Dee away from him.
  • A Silent Cartoon
    A Silent Cartoon
    Episode 22
    Dexter is trying to build his lab blue, but Dee Dee keeps making it pink.
  • That Magic Moment
    Episode 21
    Dexter's Magic Uncle Fergel O'Reiley pays a visit.
  • Would You Like That In The Can
    A girl accidentally takes Dexter's lunchbox, so Dexter and his friend must go into the girls bathroom to get it.
  • A Dee Dee Cartoon
    A Dee Dee Cartoon
    Episode 19
    After being kicked out of Dexter's laboratory, DeeDee goes to her room and plays in her lab.
  • Dos Boot
    Dos Boot
    Episode 18
    Mandark gets in Dexter's computer raving havoc, so Dexter must stop him.
  • Lab on the Run
    Episode 17
    Two robots escape from Dexter's lab in order to have a better life.
  • A Boy Named Sue
    A Boy Named Sue
    Episode 16
    How did a young child called Susan became the being now known as Mandark? Born to free spirits, and with a passionate determination to harness the forces of science for his own ends, this is his story...
  • Tele Trauma
    Tele Trauma
    Episode 15
    Tired of missing his favorite TV shows because of studying, Dexter creates a special helmet that transfers all the TV information directly into his brain.
  • A Mandark Cartoon
    A Mandark Cartoon
    Episode 14
    Mandark plans another scheme to get rid of Dexter.
  • If Memory Serves
    Episode 13
    Fearing that his memory might be limited, Dexter uses a device to save all his memories.
  • The Mock Side Of The Moon
    Dexter travels to the moon and finds aliens that are planning to come to Earth to take everything.
  • A Mom Cartoon
    A Mom Cartoon
    Episode 11
    Mom fights another lady at the supermarket for the last pair of rubber gloves.
  • Poppa Wheelie
    Poppa Wheelie
    Episode 10
    It's career day and Dexter is ashamed of his Dad so he creates a Dad that looks more like him.
  • The Grand Daddy Of All Inventions
    Mom takes Dexter to his grandpa's house. At first he thinks that it's going to be a boring day, but he gets hyped when he discovers that his grandpa has a secret laboratory.
  • A Failed Lab Experiment
    Dexter creates a device that doesn't work the way he wanted.
  • Copping an Attitude
    Because of his exceptional grades Dexter's school, his parents have decided that he can go to college. At first Dexter is happy to be there so he can fill his mind with college knowledge, but the students influence on Dexter sends him a one way ticket back to Huber Elementary School.moreless
  • Momdark
    Episode 6
    Mandark disguises as Mom in order to get into Dexter's Lab.
  • A Quackor Cartoon
    A Quackor Cartoon
    Episode 5
    Quackor returns to battle Monkey in Dexter's Lab.
  • Mind Over Chatter
    Episode 4
    After a failed experiment, everybody can hear Dexter's thoughts.
  • Sole Brother
    Sole Brother
    Episode 3
    After a failed mutation experiment, Dexter becomes Dee Dee's foot, and they each drive each other crazy!
  • A Dad Cartoon
    Episode 2
    Dad decides to give the car a retouch.
  • Streaky Clean
    Streaky Clean
    Episode 1
    Dexter is sick of staining his clothes, so he launches a satellite into space, that cleans his clothes every time he stains them. However, the satellite gets knocked out of orbit, and everything goes haywire.
  • In Mind Over Chatter, Dexter uses another one of his inventions to produce mental telepathy. However, the experiment backfires and instead of allowing him to hear other people's thoughts, everyone can hear his. Then Quakor and Monkey come to blows in Dexter's laboratory in A Quackor Cartoon. Finally, Mandark poses as Dexter's mom to make his way into the laboratory, only discover that a mom's job is more difficult than he realized.moreless
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