Dexter's Laboratory

Season 2 Episode 102

The Parrot Trap

Aired Unknown Apr 22, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The Parrot Trap
Dexter must stop his mechanical parrot before his imitations reveal the secret of his lab.

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    Christine Cavanaugh

    Christine Cavanaugh

    Voice of Dexter (Seasons 1 & 2)

    Kath Soucie

    Kath Soucie

    Voice of Mom/Dexter's computer/Agent HoneyDew/Mandark's Mom

    Kat Cressida

    Kat Cressida

    Dee Dee (Seasons 2 and 4)

    Jeff Bennett

    Jeff Bennett

    Voice of Dad/Mandarks Dad

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • Dexter's family must live fairly close to the Florida Everglades, because his mother was able to get there and back in the same day to get the "worms and plastic minnows" the mechanical parrot instructed her to put in her food.

      • Dee Dee seems to act suspicious about the parrot and doesn't know where it came from just as Mom and Dad did, but she already saw it in Dexter's lab.

      • Dexter bashed the Parrot up good, but later it's as good as new.

      • Dexter's mom says: "How many times have I told you not to throw the bird?" She never told Dexter that or anything close to that in previous episodes! Or at least so far as we know it.

      • What exactly is Dexter's mom making? 2 eggs, 1 stick of butter, a half cup of sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, a cup of cinnamon, a quart of pepper, a box of olives/peppers, a block of cheese, a gallon of milk, a cup of coffe, beans, cookies, worms and plastic minnows. What do all those together make?

        Response: Well, some of the ingredients did not go in the food, since the Parrot incorrectly instructed her to put them in.

      • Mom said Dexter threw the bird. That's not true, because he actually SMASHED it.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Mom: (cooking something) All right, let's see. I'll need two eggs... one stick of butter... (adds the ingredients) Half a cup of sugar...
        (She puts in half the sugar from the sugar bowl as the robot parrot watches. At the spice rack...)
        Mom: A pinch of cinnamon...
        Robot Parrot: A cup of cinnamon!
        Mom: A cup of cinnamon.
        Robot Parrot: A quart of pepper.
        Mom: A quart of pepper.
        Robot Parrot: A box of olives.
        Mom: A box of peppers. (adds these "ingredients")
        Robot Parrot: (mimicking fisherman from TV) Yup, yup, yup!
        Mom: A block of cheese...
        Robot Parrot: A block of cheese.
        Mom: A gallon of milk....
        Robot Parrot: (in the fridge) A gallon of milk. (as the mom absentmindedly picks it up) Are you SNEAKING UP ON ME?
        Mom: (pouring invisible "liquid" out of the parrot) A cup of coffee...
        Robot Parrot: A cup of coffee.
        Mom: (adds some...) Beans!
        Robot Parrot: Beans! (some cookies come flying from nowhere) COOOOKIEEES!
        Mom: Cookies!
        Robot Parrot: (mimicking TV fisherman) "Worms and plastic minnows!"
        Mom: Now wait just a minute here! (thinks a bit) Where am I gonna get worms and plastic minnows?
        Robot Parrot: The Florida Everglades!
        (The mom gets in the car and drives off!)

      • TV Fisherman: Yup, that's a biggen'! Yup, yup, that's a biggen' from the Florida Everglades!

      • Dexter: (trying to get Dee Dee out of the lab with boxing gloves) I'm gonna bop you one, Dee Dee!

      • Robot Parrot: Dexter's a cookie! Dexter: I am NOT a cookie! Robot Parrot: Dexter's a cookie! Dexter: AM NOT! Robot Parrot: Are too a cookie!

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

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