Dhani Tackles the Globe

Travel Channel Premiered Jan 01, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Dhani in Croatia - Water Polo

    Our family utilizes programming on the Travel Channel as part of our homeschool curriculum. We watched Dhani Jones (in Croatia - water polo) today for the first time. My son was instantly hooked on Dhani's humor and candor (being afraid of fish!). I was hooked, too! Now my son wants to watch all of Dhani's adventures. For young boys, in particular, having a sports connection and being able to learn about other cultures in one program is a win-win educational experience. Thank you, Dhani Jones, for adding another fun and memorable experience to my son's education!
  • Not nearly as interesting as bourdain or zimmern

    It's an interesting concept, to mix local sports and culture. But dhani isn't nearly as interesting as bourdain or zimmern. He's no doubt a great athlete and picks up every sports extremely fast. But is that in itself worth watching? Not to me. The culture and food part is always plain and dhani offers no insight nor humor. I don't feel as involved watching the show and being introduced to something interesting, but rather like being stuck looking at someone as he enjoys himself. It feels more like reality TV with a celebrity, rather than a travel show with a host. I wonder if there'd be many viewers for this program and I won't be surprised if it gets canceled soon.
  • Great show! I have set my dvr to record it.

    The show was awesome! I thought Dhani did a great job showing the culture of Thailand and the sport of muay thai. I also thought that I might want to visit Thailand now. Everything about the show was positive and uplifting. I think everyone should tune and learn a little bit about the world around them. It's not just about sports we were introduced to foods, past times, people, the culture as a whole. The scenery was beautiful and the people seemed very friendly. I can't believe Dhani was brave enough to do half the things they asked him to do! Way to go Travel Channel! Another hit series.