Dharma & Greg

Season 1 Episode 2

And the In-Laws Meet

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1997 on ABC
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And the In-Laws Meet
When Dharma and Greg throw a party to celebrate their union, a disapproving Kitty boycotts the event, and Dharma sets out to befriend her mother-in-law. But when the Montgomery's and the Finkelstein's finally get together to plan the details, the hostilities really begin.

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  • They should just call it the Dharma show..

    Dharma gets the feeling that her mother in law dosen't like her, so she sets out on a mission to try and change that. Things keep going wrong when her behavior dosen't sit well with Kitty. Dharma and Greg decide to throw a wedding party, one which both their parents oppose to. After much discussion, the in laws meet and all hell breaks loose.

    I thought it was hilarious. Felt smoother than the pilot. More familiar and comfortable. That's normal with sitcoms, because with sitcoms, you need to like the characters in order to find their jokes funny in my oponion and that's what's happening here, 'm starting to like the characters. One thing I find ridiculous though is how Dharma has almost all the jokes. It helps that she's really likeable but she's the only person on this show with real character. She's a stereotype, yes, but one that's been written and portrayed in such a fresh, energetic way. I do not like her father though, he just dosen't fit in. I think it's because nothing he said has been funny so far. Anyway, a great installment.moreless
  • Ah, classic Romero and Juliet story.

    Ah, this series never fails to bring a smile to my face. So here's what's happened so far. Dharma and Greg just got married on the day they met. Needless to say, their parents are shocked. Not so much their friends. And not Dharma's parents, just Greg's. The two families haven't even met and the chaos is already taking over! So when they do finally meet, all hell boils over. Larry (Dharma's dad) and Ed (Greg's dad) go golfing with Greg and Pete, and the two argue about the Vietnam War the whole time! You see, Ed was a soldier in it, and Larry was a hippie protester. Meanwhile, Abby (Dharma's mom) and Kitty (Greg's mom) are fighting over God knows what, and it's pretty much just all a living hell. I can't really remember this episode all too well, so it might just be best if you watch it on youtube.moreless

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    • Dharma: Morning, honey. Remember Jane?
      Greg: Hello, Jane.
      Jane: Eh, lightnin' rod.
      Greg: Dharma... Do we tell Jane everything?
      Dharma: Just the really cute stuff.
      Jane: "I love Dharma's elbows and her little bitty tootsies." I'm sorry. That wasn't you.

    • Dharma: So you'll do the cleansing ceremony?
      Greg: Not in this lifetime.
      Dharma: ok, but you said that last lifetime...

    • Larry: Give me one good reason I'd attend a wedding reception at some fascist country club run by a bunch of morally bankrupt fat-cat Republicans who care more about capital gains than starving children.
      Greg: Free valet parking?

    • Greg: Dharma, I'm going to have to ask you not to imitate my mother right before we go to bed.

    • Dharma: So I'm 12 years old when I find out people actually eat meat.

    • Dharma: I love tennis! Well, not to play...or watch. I'm just really glad it's out there.

    • Dharma: Oh, you know what I was thinking? We could have a big wedding parade through the streets, like they do in Europe.
      Jane: Cool. I know a guy who dresses up like a clown and walks around on stilts.
      Dharma: Really? Do you think he'd do it?
      Jane: I don't know. He doesn't like it when people look at him.

    • Dharma: We should have a party to celebrate getting married.
      Greg: Dharma, we can never tell anyone about this marriage, ever.
      Dharma: What?
      Greg: Wouldn't it be trippy if I was really like that?

    • Dharma: Greg, what do you think we would have done if we hadn't run off and gotten married?
      Greg: I don't know. Had a second date?

    • Jane: We're back.
      Dharma: Hey! Thanks for walking the boys. How'd it go?
      Jane: Well, Stinky will walk Nunzio, but he won't clean up after him.
      Dharma: Stinky, you wanted your own dog, but you don't want the responsibility, do you?

    • Dharma: Promise me something.
      Greg: Anything.
      Dharma: When we have babies, we will never tell any of those people.

    • Dharma: That was great.
      Greg: Yeah.
      Dharma: You know what my favorite part was?
      Greg: The part when you yelled "This is my favorite part"?
      Dharma: No, the part right after that.

    • Greg: We're not gonna sleep in the rain, are we?
      Dharma: No, silly. You don't sleep in the rain, you make love in the rain.
      Greg: Ah. What if there's lightning?
      Dharma: Then you get to be on top.

    • Kitty: Gregory, the day that I celebrate this misbegotten marriage is the day that I ride a goat to K-Mart.

    • Dharma: (to Kitty) Okay, so you don't like me yet. But one day in the future you're gonna like me, and you're gonna feel really bad about not having come to my party. So how about this? Come to my party as a favor to your future self. See, it's the kind of thing that the you you're going to be will want to have done for the me that I am now.

    • Kitty: It will be formal, of course. Dining, dancing, 16-piece orchestra.
      Dharma: Oh, y'know, with the 18-piece, you get coleslaw and a free drink.

    • Larry: (about the Girl Scouts) It's a paramilitary organization, with cookies.

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