Dharma & Greg

Season 1 Episode 4

And Then There's the Wedding

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1997 on ABC
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And Then There's the Wedding
There's love amid the ruins when Dharma and Greg hold a "do-over" wedding to appease their families, particularly the hostile Kitty, who turns the young couple's plans for a simple party into a big country-club affair, including a formal renewal of the wedding vows. Meanwhile, Pete and Jane have a surprising encounter of their own in the cloakroom.moreless

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Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson

Greg Montgomery

Susan Sullivan

Susan Sullivan

Kitty Montgomery

Mitch Ryan

Mitch Ryan

Edward Montgomery

Alan Rachins

Alan Rachins

Larry Finkelstein

Mimi Kennedy

Mimi Kennedy

Abby O'Neil

Joel Murray

Joel Murray

Pete Cavanaugh

John Byner

John Byner

Reverend James

Guest Star

Skye McKenzie

Skye McKenzie


Guest Star

Nick Toth

Nick Toth

Society Dave

Recurring Role

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    • Edward: Kitty, they're just flowers. Nobody cares.
      Kitty: And by nobody, you mean you...
      Edward: Yes.
      Kitty: Well, let me tell you something, Edward, everyody cares. And by everybody, I mean me!

    • Kitty: What is that stench?
      Abby: I'm burning sage to clense the room of evil sprits.
      Kitty: Well, I will open a window and let the little devils out...

    • Dharma: (After slipping on her high-heeled shoes) Oh my God! I can see my house from up here!

    • Greg: I keep feeling like there's something I should be doing...
      Edward: Gregory, relax. You're supposed to feel useless on your wedding day. It prepares you for the rest of your married life.

    • Pete: It's a nice dress.
      Jane: Burns my flesh!
      Pete: I can feel the heat...

    • Abby: Dharma, I want you to have this. It's the fertility goddess that presided over your conception.
      Dharma: Thank you, Abby. (to the statue) You're gonna have to fight your way through two forms of birth control, my little friend...

    • Dharma: I never thought hell would be catered.

    • Greg: Someday our parents will be gone, and we'll look back on this day and not miss them so much.
      Dharma: That is a terrible thing to say. Say it again.

    • Dharma: Hi.
      Greg: Hey.
      Dharma: Quick, create a diversion while I slip down through the stress and tunnel out of here.

    • Dharma: Ok, quick. Make a break for it. This meeting never happened. You don't know me.
      Greg: Vaya con dios.
      Dharma: Chili con queso.

    • Dharma: Why can't we just leave?
      Greg: Because we'd never be able to face these people again.
      Dharma: Aw, you promise?

    • Edward: Alright, alright, here's the checkbook.
      Kitty: Thank you. Thank you, Edward. I will tuck this away into the gaping void that was once my soul. (Kitty storms off)
      Edward: (Calling after her) Don't lose the pen this time!

    • Greg: Okay. And do you promise to always look at me with that light in your eyes?
      (Dharma nods and Greg tenderly brushes the hair off her face.)
      Dharma: And do you promise to always brush my hair off my face like that?
      Greg: Yes. (Greg gently kisses her.)
      Dharma: And kiss me like that?
      (They kiss again. They hold each other tenderly.)
      Greg: You make me feel like the luckiest man in the world.
      Dharma: Yeah?
      Greg: Yeah.
      (Greg wraps his arms tightly around her and the loving couple share a long, warm kiss.)

    • Kitty: Oh, here. Would you take this box of boutonnieres to the men?
      Jane: Hey, I'm not your "gofer"; I'm the maid of honor.
      Kitty: Well, try thinking less "honor", more "maid".

    • Kitty: Dharma, do you understand that we have only two hours to do everybody's hair and makeup, locate the cake, figure out how to do a champagne toast for 150 guests with only 2 cases of champagne, 12 bottles in each case...
      Jane: Aw, man, I hate word problems!

    • Greg: Dharma, running off and getting married the day we met was the craziest, most brilliant, truest moment of my life.
      Dharma: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What'd you get me, what'd you get me, what'd you get me?
      Greg: Will you let me finish? Dharma Finkelstein, will you please marry me again, this time in a big, obnoxious gala organized by my mother?
      (Greg presents Dharma with a diamond ring)
      Dharma: Oh, my God.
      Greg: Now, don't freak out. It's not about materialism. I mean, it's just a symbol of my love.
      Dharma: And it's a honker!

    • Kitty: Dharma, dear, please co-operate with me. I am trying to make this a day that you will never forget.
      Dharma: Can I go to the bathroom?
      Kitty: No.
      Dharma: That'll do it.

    • Abby: I just thought this would be a nice time for you and I to give some wisdom to Dharma. You know, because we are the elder women of the tribe.
      Kitty: (disconcerted) We are?
      Abby: We're the grizzled old she-wolves of the pack.
      Kitty: (not comforted by this) Ah. Much better.

    • Dharma: My shoes are pinching me.
      Kitty: Of course they are. They're Italian.

    • Dharma: I, Dharma Freedom Finkelstein, promise to never, ever, become my mother.
      Greg: Or my mother.
      Dharma: Like that's possible.
      Greg: I, Gregory Not-saying-the-middle-name Montgomery, promise that I will not bottle up my feelings for thirty years and spew them like a volcano at our children's wedding.
      Dharma: Oh, that's a good one.
      Greg: Thank you.
      Dharma: Okay. I promise to always let you be you, and me be me.
      Greg: Thank you.
      Dharma: As long as every now and then we get to get naked and switch.

    • Kitty: The bride and groom have left the wedding. The ice swan looks like a fat cobra with a beak. Some pierced gentleman named Turk is bobbing for bridesmaids in the reflecting pool.
      Edward: But this wedding cake you selected is wonderful.
      Kitty: Oh, Edward, thank you for noticing. However, this is a wedge of Brie. You're drunk, aren't you?
      Edward: That's what the gals in the ladies' room said.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Dharma: (to Abby, who is wearing a dress with lots of flowing fabric) Look at you! Thunder only happens when it's raining.

      Dharma is quoting the Fleetwood Mac song, "Dreams", written and sung by Stevie Nicks, who usually wore flowing lacy garments on stage.