Dharma & Greg

Season 1 Episode 4

And Then There's the Wedding

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1997 on ABC

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  • Second wedding.

    As if it wasn't hard enough for Dharma and Greg to control both sides of their family, now they have to go through another wedding just to appease them.

    It was very funny how they tried to juggle the needs of their parents that come from two totally different worlds, and how they almost cracked when their parents continues making them nervous.

    I loved the scenes between Jane and Pete, they're both so quirky and interesting, and they fit in well with the rest of the characters.

    All other characters were great as well: Larry with his conspiracy theories, Kitty and Edward in their malfunctioning marriage, etc.
  • Beautiful, just beautiful...

    This has to be the most beautiful episode in the whole wntire series... It was just so romantic! Let me fill you in. Dharma Finklestein and Greg Montgomery eloped on the day they met. Obviously, that created some problems. Like the fact that Greg's mother dislikes Dharma and imagined a big, elaborate wedding for her son. So Kitty requests that they get married again, her way. The couple doesn't like it, but they go along with it anyway to avoid more problems. While getting ready for the wedding, Dharma and Jane do a little dance around the room, and Kitty bursts in and tries to calm them down and sends Jane off to do some errands. Meanwhile, Larry loses to Ed in a card game and has to go ask Abby to borrow money. If you've ever seen this show, then you know big events can only lead to more chaos. Anyway, Dharma and Greg finally sneak off so they can see each other and meet up in the closet. They talk for a bit, then take off again. And it's revealed that Pete and Jane were having sex in that same closet... Hm... Anyway, they get married, blah, blah, blah... So then Dharma and Greg sneak off during the reception and share a romantic dance in the court yard.
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