Dharma & Greg

Season 4 Episode 8

Charma Loves Greb

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 2000 on ABC



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    • Dharma: Actually, the reason I'm here is I was hoping you could work the phrase, "Happy Birthday Greg Love Dharma" into next week's crossword puzzle.
      Theodore: Oh, I have a very strict policy on personal messages.
      Dharma: Any chance it's "Glad to do 'em"?

    • Jane: I hope you made sure my ex-husband isn't bringing a date to Greg's party.
      Dharma: Yes. I talked to Pete; he gave his word.
      Jane: Good. You think he'd be upset if I brought that guy?
      Dharma: Yes!
      Jane: A plan begins to form...

    • Dharma: I thought we could go down to Fisherman's Wharf and get some lunch and then go to Farmer's Market and get ourselves some nice, fresh farmers.
      Greg: (Engrossed in his crossword puzzle) Sure, Honey.
      Dharma: You know how you can tell if they're fresh or not? They squeeze you. Get it?
      Greg: (Still preoccupied) Sounds like fun.

    • Dharma: Is this not the most beautiful Sunday you've ever seen?
      Greg: Beautiful.
      Dharma: Ah, God. If this day was a woman, she'd have to beat the other days off with a stick.

    • Dharma: You fill this in here, and that there...there, now read it; 89 across.
      Greg: Charma loves Greb.
      Dharma: Not Charma, Dharma loves...Greb.
      Greg: You did this for me? What a great present!
      Dharma: Yeah, well next year you're getting a tie.
      Greg: Why is it Greb?
      Dharma: 'Cause 76 down is "hogtied" not "hobbled".
      Greg: Oh, look at that. I love you Charma.
      Dharma: I love you Greb.

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