Dharma & Greg

Season 5 Episode 8

Home is Where the Art Is

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 2001 on ABC

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  • Dharma decides to live at the museum as part of performance art piece. While she's gone, Larry comes to stay with Greg because he's mad that Abby wants to "straightjacket their kid's mind" by teaching him numbers. Larry sleeps naked and drives Greg crazy.

    In a way this is great turn. In the last episode, Greg is undermining Dharma's wishes in large and small ways. Now we come to open conflict regarding what Dharma can do and what the marriage can survive. Greg has a turning point when "the boys tease him about his womanly attitude." He says to Dharma "I don't want to turn into our mothers." That's great that he wants to be supportive. Except that insulting his own mother or his wife's mother - well, that's not really okay, is it? Funny little extra thing - my brother has a daughter who just turned three. Like all the little ones nowadays she's crazy bright and rattles off all kinds of info... and sometimes I think Larry's right. Maybe a few less LeapFrog toys and a little more unstructured time. I mean, she has years to win a Nobel Prize.