Dharma & Greg

Season 2 Episode 8

Like, Dharma's Totally Got a Date

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1998 on ABC



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    • Greg: Do you have a date for the prom yet?
      Dharma: Are you asking?
      Greg: I guess so...
      Dharma: Um...sorry...but Andy Snyder already asked me.
      Greg: Oh bummer...
      Dharma: But...um...I'll let you look down my shirt later.
      Greg: Cool.

    • Greg: Permission to approach the bench.
      Pete: For what purpose?
      Greg: To kill you.
      Pete: (Looks at Greg and rolls eyes) Denied.

    • Dharma: High School sucks.
      Greg: Well you don't have to go anymore.
      Dharma: Thanks.

    • Dharma: How did the trial go?
      Greg: Well Larry's counter suing my mother for assault and battery, $1.7 billion.

    • Edward: Aren't you going to listen to your husband's speech?
      Abby: I heard him give me the same speech last month in traffic court.
      Edward: How'd it work?
      Abby: The judge gave him $20 out of his own pocket just to shut up.

    • Greg: Mother, I'm not representing you.
      Kitty: Well, you're welcome for law school.

    • Dharma: Do you guys like go to Bayside?
      Brittany: Yeah.
      Dharma: Are you going to the Homecoming dance too?
      Brittany: What do you like mean too?
      Jane: What do you like mean, what do you like mean?

    • Dharma: Oh my God I like so totally need a dress.
      Jane: Oh my God I like so totally need a hot dog on a stick.
      Both: Mall crawl!

    • Greg: Far be it for me to let our marriage get in the way of your dating.

    • Dharma: Oh no Greg, Saturday's no good, Donald just invited me to the big Homecoming dance.
      Greg: Well I hope you said yes 'cause my life isn't weird enough.

    • Dharma: It's just a bruised tailbone, she'll be back on her ass in no time!

    • Pete: Hey, Greg, can I take your wife to my cousin's wedding?
      Greg: Probably.

    • Dharma: This is a really cool thing to do for Donald and I just want you to know I feel very lucky to have a husband who understands.
      Greg: Well, you don't, but have fun.

    • Kitty: You two are drunk and disgraceful.
      Edward: Hello, Drunk.
      Abby: Hiya, Disgraceful.

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