Dharma & Greg

Season 1 Episode 8

Mr. Montgomery Goes to Washington

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1997 on ABC
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Mr. Montgomery Goes to Washington
After Greg wins a major court case, he is urged to run for Congress. It's an idea that moves Dharma to consult Greg's mother for grooming advice, as a potential political wife. After worrying about Dharma fitting in with the political crowd, Greg embarrasses himself during his first public appearance by emerging from the washroom with his fly undone. But when Dharma tries to boost his confidence with a little back-seat lovin', it becomes front-page news. Greg is thrown into a black depression until he realizes that his popularity has soared; then his opponent makes a decisive sexual confession of his own.moreless

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      • Jane: Front page, "Congressional Candidate Caught with Pants Down." See, that's you, that's Dharma, and way down there by your ankles, that's YOUR PAAAANTS!"
        Dharma: Okay, I think you better go now.
        Jane: Did I say something wrong?
        Dharma: Uh-huh.
        Jane: It was funny, though, right?
        Dharma: Uh-huh!

      • Bill Maher: (on TV) Now, he's not committing adultery, so we know he's not a Democrat. But he was having sex, so we know he's not a Republican.

      • Greg: Dharma, do you know what this means?
        Dharma: Yes! You're not going to be a grumpy old alcoholic who lives on our couch!

      • Greg: What are you doing?
        Dharma: I'm showing my support for the candidate.
        Greg: Here?
        Dharma: Yes.
        Greg: In a car in front of my parents house? This is like high school.
        Dharma: You did it in the car?
        Greg: Yeah! Where did you do it?
        Dharma: In my bedroom!
        Greg: What about your parents?
        Dharma: They had their own bedroom.

      • Larry: So what happened? You sold out and went mainstream, huh?
        Andy: Hey, how long can you drive around in a Volkswagon minibus with shag carpeting on the walls?
        Larry: 32 years next March.

      • Greg: Hey, what's going on?
        Andy: Greg! Why didn't you tell me you were related to this rascal?
        Greg: Uh, I don't know. At the time it seemed better not to.
        Andy: We went to Berkeley together!
        Larry: No, no, no. You went to Berkeley; I was the outside agitator.

      • Dharma: (Acting very proper) Mother. Father. Thank you so much for coming. Gregory and I truly appreciate your support. (Laughs) Guess what I'm doing?
        Larry: Acid.

      • Greg: If we do this, it's going to mean a lot of changes, and...
        Dharma: Greg, I am not afraid of change. It's what makes life interesting.
        Greg: You realize you'll have to change too?
        Dharma: Why?! What the hell's wrong with me?
        Greg: Well, in my book, nothing; but there are certain expectations of a Congressman's wife.
        Dharma: Yeah, I know. So I buy a few bras. Big deal!

      • Dharma: ...so anyway, I thought, you know, "Who better to teach me than Greg's mom?"
        Kitty: Could you say that again?
        Dharma: What didn't you understand?
        Kitty: Oh, I understood completely. I just want to hear it again.

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      • Greg: (on a radio talk show) Mr. Finkelstein, is that you?
        Larry: (on the phone) No. No, my name is Ed. Ed Zeppelin.

        Pun on the rock group Led Zeppelin.

      • Dharma: Abby dated Don Henley.
        Abby: I'm pretty sure I was Witchy Woman.

        "Witchy Woman" is a song co-written by Don Henley, on the first album by the Eagles.

      • (After Greg's opponent comes out as being gay)
        Greg: Think this is gonna hurt me?
        Dharma: Honey, this is San Francisco. Unless you can turn into Judy Garland right now, you're through.

        This is referring to Judy Garland's status as a gay icon.

      • Greg: (sings) "Clang clang clang went the trolley, ding ding ding went the bell..."

        This is from "The Trolley Song," sung by Judy Garland in the 1944 movie Meet Me in St. Louis.

      • Episode Title: "Mr. Montgomery Goes to Washington" is a play on the title of a famous Frank Capra movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), starring Jimmy Stewart.