Dharma & Greg

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1997 on ABC

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  • So weird but good..

    So in the pilot we watch as two very different people meet, go on a very strange date, and introduce each other to their families in a fast moving, shockingly formula breaking ride.

    It's funny, it's fresh, and I can't believe I haven't checked this show out earlier.
  • Amazing introduction.

    We get to meet the world of Dharma and Greg, the couple that gets married on the same day they meet. I remember first watching this episode and laughing out loud over every scene. I sincerely believe that the pilot is one of the best episodes of the series, and there are many reasons why.

    I love how we see Greg reacting to every single weird thing Dharma does. This is, of course, only the beginning of a long trip, but Dharma's antics will never get old.

    Jenna Elfman does a wonderful job portraying Dharma, as does Thomas Gibson in his role of Greg. Then we get to meet their parents of the couple, who turn out to be even more funny. Dharma's parents are amazing - especially Larry in his "against the country" comments, and Greg's parents are weird in their own way as well, as are Jane and Pete, the friends of our couple.
  • When Dharma met Greg...

    This episode is the start of one of TV's greatest shows ever. It starts out in a flashback to I think 1970 something. It shows one family, consisting of a very oddly dressed man, woman, and girl, and they're discussing the zodiacs. They are the Finklesteins. Then it shows another family, a mother, father, and son all dressed in very up to do suites. The mother tells her son not to touch anything, becuase the subway is filthy. And they are the Montgomeries. The boy and the girl see each other and make eye contact, but are quickly pulled away by their parents. The scene shifts to present day, or what was present day when the series took place in 1997, and the same two, though now grown up, meet on the subway once again. As the woman leaves, the man prepares to go after her, but the subway doors close. Later, at his office, he is talking to a buddy of his named Pete, and telling him all about the girl. Pete, who happens to be a mega pervert, tells him he did the right thing, not going after her. So the guy enters his office only to find the girl from before sitting on his desk, and he is rather shocked. Blah, blah, blah, pleasantries are exchanged, and the man and woman are revealed to be Greg Montgomery and Dharma Finklestein. Dharma asks him if he likes organ music, so she takes him out to a baseball game. Then they fly to Nevada and grab some pie. Oh, this is all in San Fransisco, by the way. Greg tells Dharma that he never wants this feeling to end, and so they end up getting married. On the day they met. And then they get a hotel room and um... You can understand the rest. Anyway, after all that business is taken care of, Greg goes to take a shower, and his cell phone starts ringing. Dharma answers it, and it turns out to be his mother, Kitty. They make plans to have lunch at the Mongomeries place, and Greg is none too thrilled. So first, they go back to Dharma's place so she can change. Outside her apartment, they come across her best friend, Jane, beating the snot out of her boyfriend's motorcycle with a baseball bat. She also informs Greg that if he causes Dharma any pain whatsoever she will do horrible things to him. They enter Dharma's apartment to find two naked people walking around in there. And of course, they are Dharma's parents, Abby and Larry. Oh, Dharma also has two cute doggies named Stinky and Nunzio. So then they go over to Kitty and Ed's house for lunch. They happen to be extremely wealthy. And of course, they are shocked that their son the lawyer married a yoga instructor on the day they met. Dharma makes the sitation worse by commenting on their sex life. Afterwards, she and Greg get into a fight, and the two are worried that the whole marriage was just a mistake. But in the end, they get back together and alls well that ends well!
  • It will leave you with a smile and a "huh?"

    In this pilot episode we're shown how Greg and Dharma paths first cross as children and then are brought to modern day as adults. The contrast of Greg's upper class life and Dharma's freeliving hippie life are played up to the hilt, which continues though the series. Dharma's lifestyle leaves both Greg and we, the viewers, scratching their heads, but also wishing we could live her life. We are also introduced to the two sets of parents. In many ways Edward, Greg's father, appears to see Dharma as a way to escape the confines of his life with Greg's uptight and socially conscious mother. Dharma's parents on the other hand seem to enjoy being who they are although Larry, Dharma's father, appears to be a little frustrated with his memory loss due to years of recreational drug use. Overall this episode does a great job of introducing us to the characters while laughing all the way.
  • We learned so much about Dharma in this show. Dharma has sets of beliefs and values that she belives in and she applies them well. She has a great character. She is interesting to follow. She is mesmerizing.

    This show starts off with a flashback with Dharma and Greg as kids. Dharma Finkelstein was telling Abby and Greg, her parents, about what she learned about horoscopes and policemen. Then as Dharma, Abby, and Larry leave the train, Dharma bumps into a young lad named Greg Montgomery. Both smiled as they saw each other in the train stop. Dharma gave a quick wave as Greg saw her on the train. Those two have their hearts set for each other. Now, the show fastforward to current (the show took place in 1997) as Dharma bumps into Greg. She smiled at him and as Greg sees her from the train window, she waves to him. Obviously, they remember each other since they recongized each other. Greg wanted to talk to her so he tried to leave the train, but the train door was shut so he was denied. He was dissapointed. Fortunately for Greg, Dharma found out where he works through the San Francisco Chronicle and she met him at his workplace.

    Greg was stunned when he saw Dharma. She said for him \\\\\\\"How did you find him\\\\\\\". Her first belief that she wants to meet him on a practical level after meeting him on a spiritua level. They introduce themselves and then they went out to hangout. Dharma told him that she would never end a relationship with Greg again. They went to a ballgame. Some loser told Dharma to shut up when Dharma was screaming. Greg told him to apologize to her or risk going to a precincy. That guy apologized. Dharma wanted to reward him by taking him out to the pie store as they went to Reno, Las Vegas. After that, Dharma decided to go marry him and Greg agreed. Dharma prefered an organic music than the traditional music for a wedding. Dharma and Greg then had sex and went to sleep for one night.

    Then, Dharma and Greg woke up the next day. Greg showers up. Dharma then answers a phone call by Greg and says she would meet her. She told Greg about it and he was stunned.

    Dharma and Greg both go to Dharma\\\\\\\'s home. Greg gets to know Dharma\\\\\\\'s people. Greg got freaked out seeing Dharma\\\\\\\'s friend, Jane break her boyfriend\\\\\\\'s motocycle with a bat. Jane threatens Greg by saying if he makes Dharma miserable, she would make his life hell. Greg then discovers Dharma\\\\\\\'s parents being naked. Greg finally meets Abby and Larry. When Dharma told the news her parents, Abby says \\\\\\\"Shut up\\\\\\\" and Dharma says, \\\\\\\"You shut up\\\\\\\". Abby then make fortunes and wishes by holding Greg\\\\\\\'s hand.

    Dharma gets to meet with Greg\\\\\\\'s parents and that did not go well. Greg\\\\\\\'s parents did not like her personality and Greg\\\\\\\'s mother thought she was wierd. They both were upset that they were married without their consent. Then, Dharma turned them off by saying that Kitty Montgomery and Larry Montgomery, Greg\\\\\\\'s parents, should have sex.

    After Dharma and Greg leave, they get into an argument on the car. Greg felt that Dharma needs to know when to act goofy or not and Dharma felt that she should be who she is. Dharma leaves Greg for the time being.

    Dharma and Greg misses each other and they feel bad about arguing. Greg went out of his way to go see Dharma and try to make it work. It did as Dharma said \\\\\\\"Shut up\\\\\\\" as she saw Greg.

    When she says \\\\\\\"Shut up\\\\\\\", she means it in a good way. I got two things out of Dharma. Dharma loved Greg because of his character and qualiteis and she married him right away. She believes people should marry right away. She also believes sex is cool.

    She is a tantalizing and that\\\\\\\'s something people will realize if they watch the show from the beginning. Dharma is hot.