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  • When Greg, a young attorney from a wealthy family, meets Dharma, a free-spirited woman, they get married in Reno on their first date. While their love is growing, they soon realize their families, hers is a bunch of hippies and his is composed of snob Rep

    The show is great, plain and simple. Absolutely funny, mixing a nice balance of silliness and humor, with wit and drama. The show at times can really pull at you and make you think. The culture clash--social clash is more accurate--is eye opening and brings out real ideas and social issues. But never strays from the comedy. It's been nearly four years since the show ended, but I still watch and love the show. To be honest I barely had seen the show when it still produced new episodes, but I still love it and find that it still relates to what life is like when it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would

    I think there’s a lot of intelligent humor which requires the viewer to pay attention and of course the plethora of silly humor for which Dharma is famous. It's hilarious, but also very touching at times, both sides of the coin are examined and acted with great skill. The actors use their voices extremely well; their timing, phrasing and range of modulation are expertly refined and restrained, and amazingly accomplished.

    I notice some people don't seem to "get" the parents, seeing them as shallow stereotypes. But their roles were written and played with the winking insight that the characters have become quite well aware their lifestyles, values and belief systems were folly. With evident embarrassment, they rationally and self-assuredly stick to their pretensions.

    Where Dharma & Greg stands apart from all other shows is in how you laugh at it. You laugh WITH it. In “Everybody Loves Raymond” you laugh at the characters when they get in one of their many arguments. In “Frasier” you laugh when he and Niles do something snobbish. There is a general trend in sitcom humor, that trend is making us laugh when the characters are miserable. In general, we laugh at their misfortune. On the other hand Dharma is at its best when we are laughing with the characters, at their happiness, because unlike most other shows, the characters in D&G do laugh. They laugh at themselves, at each other, at the situations they encounter, and when they are laughing and having a good time I find it much more funny, much more real.

    Life is funny. Even when some bad things happen - and you really believe they can act like that because they really love one another. It’s just a funny, heart felt show.
  • What can I say, it is charming. It is a cute show where 2 people get married on their first date.

    Dharma and her family are very different from normal people, especially Greg and his family. He is a serious lawyer who is following his father is footsteps, but wants to be on his own and she is generally cheerful, finds an upside to everyting while helping people and trying to make them happy. Dharmas family is open, bright people where as Gregs family is formal, uptight people. They have troubles when it comes to trying to get their parents to get along with each other, but at the end of the day they find themselves happily married together, enjoying one anothers company.
  • Simply great.

    I have to admit, I never really liked this show until about the 3rd or 4th season and now catch the reruns when possible. It\'s funny, cleaver, smart and just makes you forget what\'s going on out in the world, if only for 30 minutes. Hopefully it\'ll be on DVD.
  • This show is about the most charming I had ever the honor to watch. The chemistry between the actors is just perfect. You will love it and laugh hard!

    This show is about the most charming I had ever the honor to watch. The chemistry between the actors is just perfect. You will love it and laugh hard!
    This show tells about fortune and karma. It tells the story of two people who doesn't seem to be meant for one another, but truely are.
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