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  • This show is about the most charming I had ever the honor to watch. The chemistry between the actors is just perfect. You will love it and laugh hard!

    This show is about the most charming I had ever the honor to watch. The chemistry between the actors is just perfect. You will love it and laugh hard!
    This show tells about fortune and karma. It tells the story of two people who doesn't seem to be meant for one another, but truely are.
  • Simply great.

    I have to admit, I never really liked this show until about the 3rd or 4th season and now catch the reruns when possible. It\'s funny, cleaver, smart and just makes you forget what\'s going on out in the world, if only for 30 minutes. Hopefully it\'ll be on DVD.
  • What can I say, it is charming. It is a cute show where 2 people get married on their first date.

    Dharma and her family are very different from normal people, especially Greg and his family. He is a serious lawyer who is following his father is footsteps, but wants to be on his own and she is generally cheerful, finds an upside to everyting while helping people and trying to make them happy. Dharmas family is open, bright people where as Gregs family is formal, uptight people. They have troubles when it comes to trying to get their parents to get along with each other, but at the end of the day they find themselves happily married together, enjoying one anothers company.
  • When Greg, a young attorney from a wealthy family, meets Dharma, a free-spirited woman, they get married in Reno on their first date. While their love is growing, they soon realize their families, hers is a bunch of hippies and his is composed of snob Rep

    The show is great, plain and simple. Absolutely funny, mixing a nice balance of silliness and humor, with wit and drama. The show at times can really pull at you and make you think. The culture clash--social clash is more accurate--is eye opening and brings out real ideas and social issues. But never strays from the comedy. It's been nearly four years since the show ended, but I still watch and love the show. To be honest I barely had seen the show when it still produced new episodes, but I still love it and find that it still relates to what life is like when it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would

    I think there’s a lot of intelligent humor which requires the viewer to pay attention and of course the plethora of silly humor for which Dharma is famous. It's hilarious, but also very touching at times, both sides of the coin are examined and acted with great skill. The actors use their voices extremely well; their timing, phrasing and range of modulation are expertly refined and restrained, and amazingly accomplished.

    I notice some people don't seem to "get" the parents, seeing them as shallow stereotypes. But their roles were written and played with the winking insight that the characters have become quite well aware their lifestyles, values and belief systems were folly. With evident embarrassment, they rationally and self-assuredly stick to their pretensions.

    Where Dharma & Greg stands apart from all other shows is in how you laugh at it. You laugh WITH it. In “Everybody Loves Raymond” you laugh at the characters when they get in one of their many arguments. In “Frasier” you laugh when he and Niles do something snobbish. There is a general trend in sitcom humor, that trend is making us laugh when the characters are miserable. In general, we laugh at their misfortune. On the other hand Dharma is at its best when we are laughing with the characters, at their happiness, because unlike most other shows, the characters in D&G do laugh. They laugh at themselves, at each other, at the situations they encounter, and when they are laughing and having a good time I find it much more funny, much more real.

    Life is funny. Even when some bad things happen - and you really believe they can act like that because they really love one another. It’s just a funny, heart felt show.
  • The life of a married couple. Who are deeply in love

    This show is alsome. I wish it would come back with all new eposodes. This show is so cool. I miss seeing new eposodes of this show. This show is like the stright version of will and grace. Its so sweet how Daarma and Greg get along. Even tho gregs mom is sometimes ashamed of Dharma. Becuase of the fact that shes so out ragious and out going. Bring It Back B!+che$
  • I didn't watch when it was on originally, but now I am hooked.

    Thanks to reruns, I found this quirky funny show, about familiy and love, in their most extreme settings.

    Dharma and Greg are in love, and it shows in every episode. They squabble and their eccentric families make them crazy, but at the very center of the show is a believable love story. What could be better than that?
  • Fun to watch

    It's been a while since I've seen this show, but I definitely liked it. A girl meeting a guy and .....BAM! married. Well what do they say about opposites? He is an attorney from a wealthy family and she comes from a flower power family. I have no idea how many episode I have seen, but if they air it again..I am watching!
  • Dharma and Greg is an inspirational show! Today\'s society is all about doing what everyone *wants* you to do and forgetting who you are. This show defies that and encourages you to be you and follow your heart!

    This show is my favorite series of all time. I wish it would have lasted longer. It\'s a timeless classic. It\'s funny, it\'s encouraging, it\'s eye opening and it\'s a great loving story.
    Love conquers all. No matter who you are, or what your differences may be, you should never give up because true love is important and not worth throwing away because of a disagreement or two or 10.
    This show is inspiring. It teaches you to be more free and to express yourself more and not to hide your true being just because someone else might not like it. Be true to yourself!!!

    Go Dharma and Greg!!! I will own the DVD\'s when it finally comes out.
  • I know i know... you get this show or you don't. But can i just say, "I GET it!" Finding magically, charming TV is, well... impossible without Dharma & Greg. It's just radiatingly positive, and Chuck makes great reinterpretations from time to time. Yeah,

    Start with, Jenna Elfman is beautiful, sexy, and playful. But, this is one of those great shows where I find myself enjoying a different characters development/personality. I would absolutely flip if they brought this show back. It is the only show where you can find a truly refreshing spirituality, human, conversational, and brighting up the mundane.
  • Este show es lo mejor que he visto y decir que he visto varios, Dharma es genial, divertida, original, tierna, hermosa, supernatural, y muchos mas valores, Greg es el complemento ideal para formar una serie que termina siendo de las mas clasicas para las

    Este show es de lo mejor que he visto y cabe decir que he visto varios, Dharma es genial, divertida, original, tierna, hermosa, supernatural, y muchos mas valores, Greg es el complemento ideal para formar una serie que termina siendo de las mas clasicas para las personas que llevan la juventud por dentro.
  • This is fantastic, the better for me, I love you to Dharma =D

    This is fantastic, the better for me, I love you to Dharma =D nad Greg is cool, Jeena Elfman is charming and sweet
    Me gusta mucho esta serie, creo que es una de las mejores que he visto, en verdad es de las mejores, Jeena Elfman se lleva gran parte del crédito.
  • The show was great only the ending was wrong There had to be a next season to end the story .

    The show was great only the ending was wrong

    There had to be a next season to end the story .
    I still want to know what happened to greg father\'s buisiness and much more.

    I hope that the new Jenna Elfman serie has a real ending.

    Otherwise i\'m not going to watch it
  • Dharma & Greg: My all-time favorite. Charming, kind, insightful, intelligent humor. Shows the kind of love we all hope to find, able to overcome all odds & obstacles. Demonstrates meanings of committment, marriage at its best, love & acceptance of family.

    Chuck Lorre & his creative team created a real gem in Dharma & Greg. In modern times, few programs express such gentle & intelligent humor when covering marriage, family, politics, and sex. And, I love the way Dharma & Greg express joyful human sexuality within a committed, monogamous marital relationship. WOW! And the in-laws are the BEST! In spite of often being the butt-of-the-joke, the in-laws are still well-rounded characters, with strengths & dignity, as well as the oh-too-hilarious flaws and conflicting viewpoints that make one of the foundations of the show. J. Elfman absolutely sparkles with comedic genius in this program & I think she has the potential to match Lucille Ball's famous comedic accomplishments. Like LUCY, J. Elfman is a natural, sweet & gifted physical comedienne. I only hope this series is made available as a DVD collection SOON! PLEASE?!
  • so funny

    I loved this show and try to catch the reuns whenever I can very well acted, extremly funny lines.. the whole ides of such oppisates being together ,and thee families, being such oppisates but as time went on you learned that they were pretty muvh the same deep down.. to bad it did not last longer
  • Always enjoyable.

    I used to love Dharma & Greg. I don't think I ever saw it when it was originally on, but my local tv station used to rerun the program from 6:30 to 7:00 pm every monday through Friday night. Jane and Dharma were the wildest craziest people probably on television, while Greg was always down to earth and mellow. I liked the goat, he was so cute even though he wasn't shown very much. My favorite episode was probably the one where Larry and his neighbor were at war and unsuspcting Greg not knowing that Larry's neighbor was also Larry's brother and Greg agrees to help Larry sue his neighbor.
  • Dharma and Gregg started off strong, but got a little shaky at the end.

    The show took place in San Fransisco Ca. Dharma was a hippie liberal, while Gregg was a conservative 9 to 5 type of guy. The two meet and get married on a whim.

    The show is filled with stereo typed humor on both sides.
    We have Dharma's dad Larry, a forgetful pot smoking bum, and Gregg's mom Kitty, posh Nob Hill alcoholic wife.

    Dharma, Gregg, and the in laws find ways to get a long through all their different beliefs.

    It is a cute show worth watching.
  • Nooooooo, I never got to see it on the air!

    Even though I didn't get to see it once a week like the rest of the world and I only discovered it from reruns on the WE channel, I still love this show.

    Seriously, the day I discovered Dharma & Greg, it changed my life. I got bored so I was flippen the channels. I turned it to this and I immediately fell in love with it. It's got drama, comedy, action all combined into one. I think it's really funny because Greg is so serious but fun and Dharma is really, really random. You really don't expect them to be a couple! I think the creators were really creative and this and I'm proud of them. I wish there were new episode though so I could enjoy them even more.

    I'll leave this off with these thoughts: One of the best comedies ever.
  • Funny show!

    I was sad when they took this show off air! I don't even get to see re-runs! I really liked this show! Dharma met Greg and they married. Dharma's parents are like hippy-ish. While Greg's parents are really rich and don't really like Dharma's parents. Greg is a lawyer too.
  • A really funny show.

    I watched Dharma & Greg every week when it first began because it was different than all the other shows on the air at the time. It was honest, sweet, funny and memorable with an amazingly talented cast. The writers created very zany but likeable characters and each one had an equally important role to play. Even the dogs! I have to admit that as it came to a close I didn't get to see very many because it wasn't on at the same time every week. Eventually I just gave up looking. I don't feel it got a proper send-off, however, I still like to catch it in re-runs.
  • Great show, I was instantly hooked.

    I've only just recently started watching Dharma & Greg in reruns, but I'm very impressed with what I've seen in the show so far. This was a great sitcom concept, and it was brought to life quite nicely. Jenna Elfman does a great job in the role of Dharma and brings a really good energy and quirkiness to the character. The character of Greg is the perfect foil to her, and he is acted well in addition. The writing is decent as well, and the jokes are always good for a laugh. Overall, this is a great show for most any sitcom fan.
  • Kooky show at best!

    This was a show off the wall and ahead of its time
    As then newcomer Jenna Elfman plays kooky Dharma
    And Thomas Gibson as the straight laced husband who both
    Married one another after just one day or something. Again it is off the wall and also just funny. As the clash of their parens collide with one another.
    Supporting cast is good as well!
  • A funny show about two very different married people.

    Dharma and Greg mostly focused around themselves and their parents. Dharma is silly, crazy and sometimes lunatic, has no job, is walking around all the time. Greg is respepctful, a lawyer, and is caring. But what happens when their parents get to meet each other, and turn out SOOO much different?
  • Absolutely loved it!

    Dharma and Greg was hilarious from the start. Two extremely different people getting married was a great idea. The show was always making me laugh and I loved watching it. Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson together had great chemistry and made the show just that much better. Kitty and Eduard and Larry and Abby also contributed greatly. It was hilarious to see how differently they thought about different things. How Dharma’s parants were free spirited and didn’t care what people thought, while Greg’s parents were snooty and worried about their appearance. The series finale didn’t live up to expectations because it was a cliffhanger but all in all the show was great!
  • It had the pefect cast.

    This is my favorite show to go off the air. The chemistry between Dharma and Greg was perfect. The script was always funny and good. All the cast members were very unique. The whole cast are all good actors. They should of given it one more season it would of come back strong and still would be on the air. I hope it comes out of D V D. I always watch the reruns. The reruns are good no matter how many times you have watched them. It is one of my favorite shows. I will continue to watch it.
  • This show is so funny! I love it!

    I just started to watch all episodes on DVD and I have to say "I love it"!

    It's so funny to see the two actors playing together. The characters are so great to watch!

    the differences between Dharma's family and Greg's are so huge that you can imagine how disturbing the situations must be for all of them. Two differnet worlds are getting together.

    I love to see Dharma's dog having it's own dog and taking it for a walk. Funny!!!

    I love what the writers did to this wonderful show and I love to watch every episodes again and again. It makes my grey days a bit nicer!

    So many laughs after a long working day!
  • It's just funny... love that dharma... peace love and harmony...

    Well greg and dharma meets, and gets married the very same day, so naturally there will be some misunderstandings.

    Greg is an upperclass lawyer, who has allways been controlled by his mother what to do and what not tho do.

    And then theres Dharma. One of the most free spirited people you'll ever know... -Perfect match?

    You can not do anything else than love her, for everything that she is. Always trying to safe the world, and the people within.

    And of course we also meet their parents.
    Edward and Kitty Montgomery, and Abby & Larry Finkelstein.

    Edward who is always told by kitty what to do and how to behave. He both hates her and love for that.

    Larry who is always on the run from the government, b/c of hes supposedly commited crime, and abby who loves him so dearly. Andthey are both hippies to the bone.

    I can only reccomand it...
  • Dharma and Greg, Greg and Dharma. No matter which way you say it, it still rocks!

    Oh, I really do love this show! This show is about how Greg Montgomery, a rich lawyer raised by stuffy parents, met and married Dharma Finklestein, a bubbly yoga instructor raised by crazy hippies. Now every day is hectic, but they always find a way to work it out. I would have to say that Dharma is my favorite, followed by Larry (Dharma's dad), Edward (Greg's dad), Greg, Abby (Dharma's mom), and then Kitty (Greg's mom) way down at the bottom of the list because she is PURE EVIL! My dad is a big Kitty fan, though. I like Dharma because she reminds me of my best friend, Andrea.
  • This show rocked!

    i miss Dharma & Greg it was one of my favourite tv shows it was funny and it showed the life of two people who wouldnt really find love together but did i really wish they didnt stop this seris it one of my favourites im diffenatly collecting it on dvd i cant wait for the rest of it to come out so i can have the whole seris to watch in a row :). Dharma & Greg was a great seris and should not have been cancelled but all shows come to an end and Dharma & Greg meet its end after season 5 which is a little stupid. i miss this Dharma & Greg it was a great show.
  • Always a great show to watch!

    For me the series Dharma and Greg is always enjoyable to watch. If I'm in a bad mood, this series can always make me laugh and turn my mood around. Every single cast member of this series, did an amazing job to portray their characters. And in turn all the characters were funny and great to watch. The chemistry between all the characters were great, and was probably the biggest reason why this show was always fun to watch. I can watch every episode, more than once cause no matter how many times I already watched it, this show always brought a smile to my face.
  • "Dharma, I can't believe what a free spirit you are!" That pretty much sums up the entire series. How can you base a whole series on such a stupid premise?

    "Hi, my name's Dharma."
    "Hi, my name's Greg. Gee, Dharma, I've had bad luck with relationships lately. You wanna get married?"
    "Sure! I'm a spontaneous, 'cool' hippy, so I'll do anything stupid once."

    The entire rest of the show is basically about what a stupid idea this was, since they know nothing about each other. I gave this show a chance, too much of a chance. This show taught me a lesson, though...don't marry a random annoying hippy chick. The only mildly funny dynamic is between the two sets of parents, but the main characters are so annoying (Greg is a giant pushover, Dharma is annoyingly co-dependent, needing approval for everything she does) it's not worth the time. That Family Guy skit really sums the whole thing up, in about two seconds.
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