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Dharma & Greg

ABC (ended 2002)


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Dharma & Greg Fan Reviews (34)

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  • Dharma & Greg: My all-time favorite. Charming, kind, insightful, intelligent humor. Shows the kind of love we all hope to find, able to overcome all odds & obstacles. Demonstrates meanings of committment, marriage at its best, love & acceptance of family.

    Chuck Lorre & his creative team created a real gem in Dharma & Greg. In modern times, few programs express such gentle & intelligent humor when covering marriage, family, politics, and sex. And, I love the way Dharma & Greg express joyful human sexuality within a committed, monogamous marital relationship. WOW! And the in-laws are the BEST! In spite of often being the butt-of-the-joke, the in-laws are still well-rounded characters, with strengths & dignity, as well as the oh-too-hilarious flaws and conflicting viewpoints that make one of the foundations of the show. J. Elfman absolutely sparkles with comedic genius in this program & I think she has the potential to match Lucille Ball's famous comedic accomplishments. Like LUCY, J. Elfman is a natural, sweet & gifted physical comedienne. I only hope this series is made available as a DVD collection SOON! PLEASE?!
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