Dharma & Greg

ABC (ended 2002)


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  • "Dharma, I can't believe what a free spirit you are!" That pretty much sums up the entire series. How can you base a whole series on such a stupid premise?

    "Hi, my name's Dharma."
    "Hi, my name's Greg. Gee, Dharma, I've had bad luck with relationships lately. You wanna get married?"
    "Sure! I'm a spontaneous, 'cool' hippy, so I'll do anything stupid once."

    The entire rest of the show is basically about what a stupid idea this was, since they know nothing about each other. I gave this show a chance, too much of a chance. This show taught me a lesson, though...don't marry a random annoying hippy chick. The only mildly funny dynamic is between the two sets of parents, but the main characters are so annoying (Greg is a giant pushover, Dharma is annoyingly co-dependent, needing approval for everything she does) it's not worth the time. That Family Guy skit really sums the whole thing up, in about two seconds.