Dharma & Greg

Season 2 Episode 18

See Dharma Run Amok

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1999 on ABC

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  • Dharma and the election.

    From the very beginning, the episode was amazing. The scene at the retirement home promise a fun episode all around, but it is the very middle when things get amazing. I just loved it how Dharma got worse and worse as she continues lying.

    The lies were so hilarious I couldn't hold my breath... but then when she got so disfigured I couldn't handle my laughing anymore. Really, this is true classic of the series. And the revelation when Dharma finally broke was amazing as well, especially how Dharma lied to Greg about the sex they had.

    This was an amazing take-off on politicians and their lies, and the entire cast and crew of the show deserves praise for what they pulled today.