Dharma & Greg

Season 1 Episode 3

Shower the People You Love With Love

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1997 on ABC

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  • Greg and Dharma are playing when on the door shows Dharma's date, Bryan whom she met on Thursday, then got married on Friday. Jane and Dharma are doing English accents. Larry and Edward are arguing about who's brave.

    I'm really beginning to like this show. It's pretty funny. English accent of Dharma and Jane was so original. Larry and Edward had a discussion that was very funny putting them both in front of the story. Truthfully the whole cast had a share amount of appearing and acting on this episode, including Greg's co-worker, Pete. Dharma's date was portrayed by great Jon Cryer, whom you might know from Two and a Half Men, but it was nice to see him the way he was before Two and a Half Men era. Also that word discussion that Kitty and Dharma have is pretty amusing.
  • Dharma attempts to install a shower for Greg...

    Wow, this has to be one of the best episodes ever. But hey, it's Dharma and Greg. They're all great. Anyway, Greg and Dharma have been living in Dharma's apartment with her two dogs, Stinky and Nunzio. Since Greg is a guy, he prefers to bathe standing up. However, Dharma is a girl, so she has a tub and no shower. The only reason she keeps it around is because Abby gave birth to her in that tub... Which is a little disturbing. Anyway, to surprise Greg, Dharma and Jane go out to buy a shower for him. Kitty overhears them and misinterprets their meaning. She thinks Dharma means "bridal shower". So she calls her up and tells her that she will help her get it ready. Meanwhile, at the golf course, Greg and Peter have the same idea to install a shower. So they buy one and take it home. Dharma, Kitty, Jane, and Abby have gone elsewhere, and Kitty convinces Dharma to maybe buy a bigger place. She considers it for a while, but then decides against it. So she goes home to find that Greg already installed a shower, and they don't need hers. And once again, all's well that ends well!
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