Dharma & Greg

Season 3 Episode 20

Talkin' About My Regeneration

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 2000 on ABC
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Talkin' About My Regeneration
Dharma's ritual of unburdening her sins every seven years reveals things that would be better off remaining a burden. Meanwhile, Larry convinces the Montgomery's maid, Celia, to go on strike, leading everyone to discover how much control Celia has over Kitty's personality.

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Susan Sullivan

Susan Sullivan

Kitty Montgomery

Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman

Dharma Freedom Finkelstein Montgomery

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson

Gregory 'Greg' Clifford Montgomery

Shae D'Lyn

Shae D'Lyn

Jane Cavanaugh (Seasons 1-4)

Alan Rachins

Alan Rachins

Myron Lawrence Finkelstein

Joel Murray

Joel Murray

Peter 'Pete' Cavanaugh

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    • Dharma: Kitty, can I talk to you for a second?
      Kitty: Absolutely. What's up papercup?
      Dharma: There are a few things that I've done to you that I'm not very proud of.
      Kitty: Aha.
      Dharma: And I thought, well I wanted to unburden myself to you and ask for your forgiveness.
      Kitty: I love it. One, two, three go.

    • Larry: ...and boom, I lost the best job I ever had.
      Greg: Maybe you just weren't right for the position.
      Larry: No, you're not listening. I lost the job. They said "Start Monday". I bought a new shirt, got in the car early Monday morning, drove around for hours. Couldn't find it! Finally, just went to the movies.

    • Greg: (Regarding Kitty's erratic behavior) What the hell's going on?
      Edward: I don't know. She went through the change six months ago. Maybe she's changing back.

    • Celia: Mrs. Montgomery isn't an easy woman to work for. Very high strung. If I didn't switch her real coffee for decaf, she would be bouncing off the walls.
      Larry: She doesn't know you give her decaf?
      Celia: No, and I water down her martinis so she won't get drunk. And every time she asks me for a valium, I give her a mild laxative.
      Larry: Wow. I can't imagine what she'll be like without you.
      Celia: I can.

    • Dharma: Those poor birds. Wendy, Janine, Big Tony, Little Tony. How do you sleep at night?
      Greg: Actually, much better. They were right under the window.

    • Greg: Do you remember the pigeon's nest that was right under our bedroom window?
      Dharma: The one the hawk got?
      Greg: Well, there was no hawk. The cooing and the chirping was driving me nuts so I moved the nest to the park.
      Dharma: You can't just move the bird's nest. The mother'll never be able to find it and the chicks will starve to death.
      Greg: I know that now.
      Dharma: (Starting to cry) Oh my God.
      Greg: I'm sorry. But I unburdened and you're right; I feel so much better, karmic baggage-wise.
      Dharma: You murdered babies?
      Greg: Not babies! Pigeons. Rats with wings!

    • Dharma: Well, over the past several years, I've also lied to you sometimes.
      Abby: Mmm hmm...
      Dharma: I never had a wheatgrass colonic, I've never had a lesbian experience, and I've never mooned a cop.
      Abby: Why would you lie about those things?
      Dharma: I don't know. You're my mom; I wanted you to be proud of me.

    • Pete: Now what happens?
      Greg: She lights the ceremonial candle of the next seven years.
      Pete: Should I get a fire extinguisher?
      Greg: Cute.
      Pete: Where is it?
      Greg: Under the sink.

    • Pete: Should we sing "Happy Birthday" or something?
      Greg: It's not a birthday, Pete, it's a karmic re-birthday.
      Pete: Basically it's the same song, Greg.

    • Edward: What was that all about?
      Kitty: Oh, for Heaven's sakes, I wasn't listening. I feel as if someone opened my head and poured in hot nickels.

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