Dharma & Greg

Season 3 Episode 19

The Best Laid Plans

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 2000 on ABC

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  • An excellent episode!

    Dharma, Kitty, Jane, and Abby going to a restaurant just for the hot waiter was funny. Dharma freaking out about the patterns in hr sex life was so typical of Greg. Although it is very hard to believe that Dharma figured out he planned things like “fun with food sex” during space shuttle launches or taking Polaroids when birds migrate, it was forgivable.

    I loved how Dharma freaked out Jane by telling her Stavros was smart.

    Larry continually forgetting that he was screwing in a lightbulb or what he needed to do it was hilarious.

    The misunderstanding between Dharma and Greg, with him thinking she was having an affair and her talking about his patterns, was great, too.

    I also loved Kitty's fantasy at the end.