Dharma & Greg

Season 1 Episode 5

The Ex-Files

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1997 on ABC
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The Ex-Files
When Greg's former co-worker and ex-girlfriend Barbara is transferred back to his firm from Washington, Dharma seeks to assuage her own natural jealousy by finding a new Mr. Right for Barbara—a quest which takes on a desperate edge when Barbara confesses she is still in love with Greg.moreless

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  • Hilarious.

    There are various reasons why this episode was a real success - learning more about Larry's paranoia when he confronts Edward about cheating, and then having it turn out that Larry is a complete moron was just really funny.

    I love how Dharma acted like she wasn't bothered by Greg's ex-girlfriend only to end up bursting a little bit because of it, then going out of her way to find a boyfriend for her.

    Also, the stuff with Kitty and the cream was funny as well. Pete was there briefly, but he had a funny line, as always. All in all, a very great episode.moreless
  • Greg's ex girlfriend rolls into town...

    Hehe, this is very exciting! Dharma never gets jealous! Oh, well, there's a first time for everything. Anyway, Dharma and Greg are having dinner one evening when Greg begins to act skittish around this one chick. Dharma senses this is a former girlfriend of his, especially when she recognizes him. Her name is Barbara. (I think she's a prissy insert cuss word of your choice here!) Anyway, the more she and Greg get to talking, (she's been transferred to Greg's law firm) the more Dharma becomes jealous. Especially when she finds out the two were engaged and she fixed the reason they broke it off. Greg tries to reassure her that he would never leave her, but she's still hesitant. And I kinda forget the rest... I think he might fall asleep at her place, but that might be another episode. Eh, watch it on youtube.moreless

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    • Dharma: Eating should be a communal experience. Like bathing.

    • Dharma: I can see why you went out with her.
      Greg: How -- how did you know that?
      Dharma: Oh, Greg, women know these things. It's partly the way she looked at you, and then partly the way you bent your spoon when I asked her to join us.

    • Abby: (to Dharma) He thinks the government is listening to us through the V-chip.
      Larry: No, no. They're watching us through the V-chip. They're listening to us through the smoke detectors.
      Abby: I should have never let him get on the Internet.

    • Larry: So, Greg, it must be hard for you Federales to cover up your conspiracies now that all those secret documents are floating out there on the Internet.
      Greg: Who do you think puts them on the Internet, Larry?
      Larry: Of course. Brilliant.

    • Abby: What is the first thing we do to get rid of negative feelings?
      Dharma: I already did all that. I said, "Hello, jealousy. I embrace and acknowledge the message you are bringing me."
      Abby: Good. And what did jealousy say?
      Dharma: He just looked right at me and went pththththth!

    • Larry: So, Ed, how goes the exploitation of the working classes?
      Edward: It's actually ahead of schedule.

    • Abby: (searching in her voluminous bag) It's, uh -- it's in here somewhere.
      Kitty: I'm sure it is, along with the Holy Grail and the Lindbergh baby.

    • Dharma: (about Greg's ex-girlfriend) She's perfect for you.
      Greg: Fine. Dharma, it doesn't matter if there's somebody out there who, on paper, is perfect for me, because I love you.
      Dharma: Yeah, well, a dog can love a chicken. But eventually he's gonna want another dog, 'cause chickens don't chase cars, and all the love in the world won't change that.

    • Pete: Say, there's your wife talking to your ex-girlfriend.
      Greg: This can't be good.
      Pete: Gee, I wonder if your name's come up?

    • Dharma: (to Barbara) Take Pete, here. A handsome young attorney on the fast track. Say something, Pete.
      Pete: (to Barbara) My apartment is completely soundproofed.
      (Barbara makes a face at Dharma)
      Dharma: Okay, let's go hit on these guys over here. (She and Barbara leave)
      Greg: Has that line ever worked?
      Pete: No. But when it does, it's gonna be worth it.

    • Sid: I'm Sid.
      Dharma: Hi, Sid.
      Sid: Actually, it's Siddhartha.
      Dharma: Ooh. Parents hippies?
      Sid: Yeah. Grew up in a genuine commune.
      Dharma: Shut up! Me too! Well, until my dad found this Indian tribe that was taking on new members.
      Sid: Did you get an Indian name?
      Dharma: Yeah. "Crazy Man's Daughter".

  • NOTES (2)


    • Abby: Forget it Kitty, it's Chinatown.
      Paraphrase of the famous line from the 1974 Jack Nicholson movie Chinatown: "Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown."

    • The episode title is a nod to The X Files, a television show where the tagline is "the truth is out there."