Dharma & Greg

Season 5 Episode 24

The Mamas and the Papas (2)

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 2002 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Dharma referred to their fictional child only as "he", but in past episodes she also referred to such a child as "she".

  • Quotes

    • Greg: All of the stuff that we put into the hat, they were all problems, you know? We didn't put any of the good stuff in. Like he just got his first base hit in little league and he ran the wrong way.
      Dharma: He waits for Thanksgiving, until the whole family's gathered to say his first dirty word loudly and repeatedly.
      Greg: He just figured out that frozen waffles fit perfectly in the VCR.
      Dharma: He's pretending to be a beagle and he's chasing cars up and down the street.
      Greg: He just found someone that he loves more than he ever thought possible.
      Dharma: And he's getting married.

    • Greg: I was just thinking of the first time I was alone in a car with a girl.
      Dharma: What about it?
      Greg: Well I tried to be smooth, putting the seat back. I broke my little finger.
      Dharma: Ow.
      Greg: She never knew. I told her they were tears of joy.

    • Edward: This was a moose who lived in the woods and he loved it there. He ran around, ate stuff, then one day he made the acquaintance of a large German Sedan. Probably had a lady moose in the woods he cared for, maybe little ones, probably had years ahead of him until I came along. Bam! He will be missed.
      Larry: Amen.

    • Greg: Hey I went to boarding school; it's not the worst thing in the world!
      Dharma: Excuse me, aren't you the person who once said boarding school is the worst thing in the world?

    • Greg: Well my parents aren't exactly the best hosts. They're difficult people to warm up to. I know I never have...

    • Kitty: Abby, please!
      Abby: I will never let this rest.
      Kitty: We did not even kill those animals!
      Edward: Well, I did kill the moose.
      Kitty: Well...
      Abby: How could you, Edward? A proud, proud moose. And you pulled out your gun and shot him.
      Edward: No, no, no, no, no. He wandered out onto Route 6 and I came around the curve and bam. The thing was a complete mess, but the head was good.

    • Dharma: Every moment of my life was turned into some kind of protest. The theme for my sixth birthday was "U.S. out of Central America". The worst gifts.
      Greg: For my sixth birthday, my parents called me from Tahiti to wish me a happy fifth birthday.

    • Dharma: I'm really sorry about how my parents behaved. I think their belief that no one can really own property makes them bad houseguests.
      Greg: Well, my parents aren't exactly the best hosts. They're difficult people to warm up to. I know I never have.

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