Dharma & Greg

Season 2 Episode 5

Unarmed and Dangerous

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1998 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Pete's leg is supposed to bent at an odd angle, but it's really just a fake leg. You can see his foot hanging down underneath the wheelchair.

  • Quotes

    • Dharma: (entering Pete's mess of an apartment) I can't believe a person lives here.
      Jane: I can't believe a cat lives here!

    • Abby: (discussing the charity) Do you think we could get Neil Young?
      Kitty: Abby, you need a celebrity, not an astronaut.

    • Abby: Are you telling me that God hates ducks?
      Edward: No, no, no, what I'm saying is that if he really wanted them around, they wouldn't be endangered.

    • Dharma: Who's in the mood for a lifestyle change?
      Pete: What?
      Dharma: Pete, I've seen the way you live and...I care too much about you to look the other way.
      Greg: You're screwed now, buddy!
      Dharma: Okay, here is how it's gonna go: I am gonna teach you how to eat right, to drink right, to get in touch with your feelings, meditate and before you know it, you're gonna be someone who is sensitive and caring, someone who'd rather watch a sunset with a friend than a dirty movie all alone. How does that sound?
      Pete: Gay!

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