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Di-Gata Defenders

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"Di-Gata Defenders" follows four courageous teens whose duty it is to protect the Realm against the Order of Infinis. Each teen has the help of a Guardian to protect them from villains trying to stop them from protecting the people of Rados.

Broadcast History: "Di-Gata Defenders" premiered on 4KidsTV on July 28th, 2007 at 11:00 AM. It remained there for five weeks until August 25th, 2007, when it was then put on hiatus. Luckily, the remaining eight episodes of the initial thirteen episode order premiered online at 4Kids.com. Surprisingly, Di-Gata Defenders returned to 4KidsTV a year later on August 9th, 2008 at 8:00am. The first five episodes of the series were rerun for five weeks until September 6th, 2008. On September 13th, 2008, the final thirteen episodes of season one began airing. After the first season finale on December 6th, 2008, the first three episodes of the series reran until December 27th, 2008 when the 4KidsTV block was disbanded on Fox.

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  • Digata Defenders had real potential. Im sad that its not available anywhere on the web.

    I REALLY liked this show. And im even surprised that i came across it because its so unavailable. Since i live in california, its not aired here because i found it on YTV. I got to watch about 7 episodes from the first season, which made me upset because i wanted more and there was none.

    Im extremely picky about the shows i watch. If anyone were to look at my favorites, they all have some dash of romance. I was upset that i didnt really get to see the foretold romance between melosa and adam.

    But there was little which got my interest, so i guess they did fine in that department.

    Anyways, another great creation nevlana.moreless
  • The twists and turns of the story's plot will make you beg for more with each episode that passes. Trust me.

    I've always found that a lot of action/adventure TV shows are somewhat predictable in where they're gonna go. And you also had a lot of TV episodes which end in "everything's back to normal", or has something in it you're totally expecting. And then Di-Gata Defenders came along, and I now never really know what to expect.

    This is a series where you need to watch each episode to make sure you get all the details. Things can change in an instant, making the story much more complicated than it initially seems. What first starts off as a quest to find four mystical stones in order to chain a great beast becomes an adventure unlike any other.

    One of the biggest selling points, however, is the amount of detail that was put into the show. The voice actors were well-picked (unlike with some shows, i.e. One Piece 4Kids dub), the animations are smooth and beautiful, and you just have to marvel at the backgrounds. It's incredibly detailed.

    While the U.S. is only in the first season, we here in Canada are into the second. Be warned: you cannot afford to miss a SINGLE episode!moreless
  • Intresting, has every singal detail a good show needs, orngial and entertaining. Mad at 4k!ds, thought.*WARNING! spoilers in this review, don't like, don't read on*

    Ok, I know what your thinkin', 'Oh noes, it's one of those people that been fans since the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!11111111' Don't. Look, I thought it was stupid before, but, after a while, I got hooked on it.

    I guess I'm not the only one. Ok, how many of you fans thought this show was one of those sucky ones before you got obsessed? *many hands raised* I thought so. This show has many plot twists that you'll never belived, its characters shall intrest you, has a lot of stuff fans crave for in a show, and it's orngail.

    "But this is one of those game things." Look, don't let the game based on the show fool you. The dice they used in the show were used as weaponds. "4k!ds shows suck" It wasn't made by that station. If it did, then there won't be any character death in it(yes, people die in it), they won't mention the words 'dying', 'death', 'dead' and 'kill' in it, Adam's past won't be even in the story, some of the episodes won't even exsits and there won't be the Adam/Mel 'Acuard moment'. It was distrubed by a Canadian station.

    "Canada cartoons all suck" Well, aren't we rasits. Look, just because something's made from Canada, doesn't mean it sucks. Ok, I'm not a fan of ALL shows made from Canada, but I like the decent ones. Ok, the main reason I gave it a 9.9 is because of Kara sounds younger then she's suposed to be. I mean, she's at least 12. But, she's voice acted by the same person that did Minnie Moon in the sailor moon dub. Not one of those crappy 4k!ds actors.moreless
  • 4 teenagers have these mystical powers to stop evil.

    I hated it at first because it was unoriginal and the animation was sloppy but it's a great show. I hate most things 4kids has to offer like Winx Club and Bratz and how they dub anime like One Piece which was then saved by funimation but this is worth watching. It isn't made by 4kids however it was made in france there have been things on 4kids that isn't done by them like The Cramp Twins but unlike that show this is worth watching. For those of you who haven't seen it can watch it on 4kidstv online since it is not on the air right now.moreless
  • A great cartoon from Canada, my home country!

    This show is great. I am disappointed that 4kids owns the rights to airing it in America, but at least they can't edit it since it's originally in English. It may not be on the right channel for American viewers, but it is still worth watching. It's a very cool show which follows the story of 4 teens trying to find Di-Gata stones which contain powers. Now, the episode guide would be much longer if this section was being updated by Canadians since Canada is much farther into the series, but I'm just glad Canada made something so good. This is a great show. Give it a chance.moreless

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