Di-Gata Defenders

TELETOON (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 7/28/07
      The Defenders secret training is interrupted when an earthquake signals that the monstrously evil Megalith is breaking free. Their mentor, Professor Alnar, reveals to them that their training will not be completed. They must immediately embark on a dangerous mission to re-imprison the Megalith by recovering the four Pure Stones.
    • 8/4/07
      On their way to the Monastery of Amos-Yan to recover the Key, a device which will lead them to the four pure stones, Seth and his fellow Di-Gata Defenders are ambushed by a band of thieves. The inexperienced Defenders find themselves trapped and only escape with the aid of the roguish and mysterious Adam.moreless
    • 8/11/07
      The Monastery burns as Malco and Flinch, powerful agents of the Order Infinis, tear it apart looking for the Key. With the help of a bizarre creature named Zad, the Defenders sneak into the monastery and make their way up to the Key chamber.
    • Snared
      Episode 4
      With The Key in hand, the Defenders and Adam, set off to find the first Pure Stone. Unknown to Seth and the others, the Order of Infinis has hired the Realm’s most feared bounty hunter, Snare, to track them down.
    • Ms. Fortune
      Episode 5
      Erik is kidnapped by a carnival of misfits and the Defenders must fight to get him back. Melosa is starting to have visions of a mysterious power growing within her. This power leads her to discover that the carnival is being controlled by a monstrous creature who threatens to destroy their memory forever.moreless
    • Cast-Aways
      Episode 6
      For the first time in their lives, the defenders find themselves on the high seas and discover that their Di-Gata stones don't work over water! When bandits attack the ship they are traveling on, their friendly captain proves to be more than he appears. With the defenders in great danger, Mel's strange powers surge to the surface again - but will they be enough to save them?moreless
    • 9.7
      The Defenders find that a walled city held in the grasp of a ruthless dictator has a dark secret. Its own citizens are being used as energy for the Dictator's crazed ambitions. For Kara, the situation becomes personal when her beloved Guardian, V-Moth, is taken prisoner.
    • Seth learns the hard way that looks can be deceiving when the attentions of a pretty girl lead the Defenders to face destruction in a village where, literally, nothing is as it seems.
    • Vitus
      Episode 127
    • The Defenders encounter a cocky young Stone Slinger eager to make a name for himself by challenging Seth to a showdown. An unlikely ally, Adam, is discovered inside the stoneslinger's gang.
    • Carved in Stone
      Episode 11
      Deep inside a mountain at the roof of the world, the Defenders encounter Brim, the original carver of the 4 pure stones now living in self-imposed exile. The Defenders remind him of the optimism he once held for human life and he gives Seth a rare and precious gift - the Vitus stone.moreless
    • The One
      Episode 12
      The Defenders close in on the first pure stone. Their quest takes them to a remote jungle village where Erik is hailed as a Shaman. As they try to gain information from the tribe about the pure stone, the defenders face a showdown with Infinis agents Malco and Flinch.
    • One Down
      Episode 13
      The Defenders find the way to the pure stone is blocked by the Dakonauts, Lord Nazmul's unstoppable robotic army. A strange psychic connection is revealed between Mel and Kara. And when the first stone is finally achieved it is at a terrible cost. Now the goal is not the rest of the stones, but saving Mel's life.moreless
    • Doom Chase
      Episode 14
      Mel and Erik have eluded their sand Nomad pursuers and are hiding out, while Mel recuperates. Seth has struck a deal with Doku - an embittered wizard who promises him the location of Nazmul’s secret Keep in exchange for Seth’s word that he will destroy Brakus.
    • Warriors
      Episode 15
      On the run from Malco and Flinch and The Sand Nomads who have overrun the Dojo, Mel and Erik encounter Bo, a brash young stone slinger who tells them of a warrior cult competition being held in a nearby county. They quickly realize the trophy is nothing other than one of the prized pure stones.moreless
    • Knowledge
      Episode 16
      Mel dreams of a long lost monastery and a pure stone hidden there. Nazmul is able to read her dream and decides that it is Mel - the possessor of such power – whose body he must have as a host. In the mean time, Brackus heads to the monastery for his own purposes - possession of the pure stone. Brackus gets away with the pure stone. But all is not lost. The Defenders now have the key and the realization that their enemies are divided. They may be safe - for a while.moreless
    • Den of Theives
      Episode 17
      Eluding bounty hunters, Adam charms his way into the Defenders’ encampment only to steal away in the night with their pure stones. His trail leads the Defenders to a den of thieves where an arms auction is being held with the main attraction the prized pure stone.
    • Nexus
      Episode 18
      The Defenders head for the legendary Nexus -- over the centuries a traditional place of healing for Di-Gata Defenders. Kali, a shape shifting agent of Nazmul has been charged with obtaining a body host for Nazmul. Kali decides that Kara, not Mel should be the one Nazmul seeks.
    • Replication
      Episode 19
      Barely escaping the Nexus with their lives, the Defenders set out for the Pinnacle, an ancient Di-Gata training temple. On the way, they face 'The Obelisks', an army of war machines created for Nazmul by Flinch. Erik and Kara stay behind to try and stop the destruction, while Seth must face Omniaxor, his father’s Guardian.moreless
    • Dark Descent
      Episode 20
      The Defenders discover The 'Machine of Binding' and Erik devises a plan to re-wire the machine to enable it to draw the pure stones to it. Their plan is foiled by an attack and as Erik lies gravely ill, a strange metamorphosis is taking place within Seth. It’s a change that will affect Seth both physically and psychologically and which may affect the outcome of their mission.moreless
    • The Cycle
      Episode 21
      Nazmul has undertaken a secret quest for immortality that sends his team to an underground palace which once housed an ancient King who is rumored to have achieved eternal life. The Defenders arrive at the palace only to unleash an ancient force that may well rival the Megalith in its ferocity. In the process they discover a secret that plants the seeds of doubts as to the rightness of their mission. Is re-binding the Megalith the right thing to do? Do they dare to defy the traditions they have been taught since their training began?moreless
    • What Lies Beneath
      Episode 22
      Seth deserts the defenders, furious with his 'hideous' appearance. The rest of the Defenders stop to help a caravan of refugees headed for the village of Arboth. Brackus and his Mercenaries descend on the village of Arboth, having identified it as the source of the Di-Gata stones from which the pure stones are carved. The Defenders choose to stay and, against all odds, help the peaceful Arbothians repel the invaders. The cause seems hopeless until Seth, having remembered his calling and his duty, returns to save the day.moreless
    • The Returning
      Episode 23
      The Defenders locate the third pure stone; hidden in the sacred floating city of Callisto. Mel detects the presence of the final stone on the outskirts of the city but the presence of almost invincible Guardians makes its capture almost impossible. The Defenders learn that only the Nova Stone will help them, but this stone is not in their possession.moreless
    • 11/22/08
      In a surprise turn of events, Adam shows up at Brackus’ safe house with the four pure stones and Kara in handcuffs. Kara is grabbed and prepared for the host body transfer that will give Nazmul physical form. An enraged Seth leads an all out assault on the castle. Repentant for the error of his ways, Adam risks his life to free Kara. Along the way, he makes a final mistake, he sets Brackus free thinking he is no longer a threat. With Kara safe and the four stones in hand, the Defenders head for the place of binding, unaware that Brackus is already making plans.moreless
    • Perfect Host
      Episode 25
      At the place of binding, the Defenders find themselves under attack. Brackus has raised an army against them. Even as Erik works feverishly to fire up the machine, the debate continues: are they even doing the right thing? Is it possible that Alnar could be wrong? As the devastation rages from the re-binding process, the defenders are forced to answer the question that’s been haunting them. Is Alnar’s way the right way? Or should they trust their own instincts?moreless
    • Ethos
      Episode 26
      The Defenders have chosen their course; they have refused to re-cast the Spell of Binding as their mentor Professor Alnar had ordered. Are they simply naïve in thinking they can stop the cycle of violence? Or are they heralding a new era of peace? With Nazmul locked in a stone and Brackus banished, they take on the Megalith.moreless
  • Season 2