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    Esstentially, we make our own charries and discuss them with others.

    ~No Mary-Sues, Gary Sues. Please. For the love of humanity.
    ~Try not to make everyone a Defender, and avoid having romances with cannon charactors.
    ~Post two-three sigils your charrie favours and post their attacks.
    ~Pics can be used.
    ~Describe Guardians

    As I am awesome, we can post if we want a cannon romance. So sign up when you post.

    Seth-Taken by Becca331110
    Adam-Taken by xxxx_Percephone

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    Good luck with your first rule.

    Anyhow, I've already got several fan characters, most of which are in fanfics I have on the main Di-Gata Defender website forums. (check it out the fanfictions "Sister of the Great Beast" and "Ogama Team" if you have the time) Here's one of them.

    Name: Sonia

    Age: 15-16

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human Radosian, Half-elf?

    Sigil(s): Sum, Ogama

    Occupation: Forest Ranger, Di-Gata Defender in-training

    Relatives: Gerard (father, deceased), Valita (mother, status unknown)

    Appearance and Outfit: See link below.


    Appearance Changes: Hair is bound in a ponytail instead of pigtails. Eyes are brown. Bandanna is orange.

    Personality: Congenial, helpful and very understanding. Incredibly stubborn; once she has decided on doing something, it's hard to change her mind. Loves nature and wildlife, but hates it when something vies to destroy that which she protects. She is vengeful to those who have wronged her. Excellent as a leader, but prone to taking risks.

    Weapon of Choice: Longbow (Sigil Bow)

    Abilities: Expert with a longbow, very agile, and a gifted spellcaster. Knowledgeable of various plants and wildlife. Excellent leadership and tactics skills. Other powers are latent or unknown.

    Spells (Consist of nature- and fire-based spells)

    [Note: spells do not have global effects, but are instead combined with Sonia's Sigil Bow for Combo effects]

    Sum Warrior Stone (plus Ogama boosters)

    - Forest Grip: (Instant) Roots spring from the ground and entangle an enemy, eventually suffocating it; (Constant) Sharp brambles wrap around Sonia's body without harming her, but harming anyone who tries to attack her in melee range; (Combo) Arrow creates a snare of roots that entangle an enemy.

    - Spore Cloud: (Instant) A debilitating cloud of pollen is created, temporarily weakening anyone who breathes it in; (Constant) Surrounds Sonia in a large cloud of spores, blocking the enemy's sight; (Combo) Arrow explodes in a cloud of spores on impact, causing various effects (i.e. sleep, poison, etc.).

    - Toxic Thorn: (Instant) Several needles shoot forward, badly poisoning anyone it hits (low piercing power); (Constant) Twin claw katars form on Sonia's arms, which can cut through various materials and can poison enemies; (Combo) Arrow becomes coated in a corrosive poison which can melt through metal.

    - Leaf Storm: (Instant) A flurry of razor sharp leaves fly at an enemy, causing cuts that can even damage shields or shear through metal; (Constant) Summons a strong whirlwind of sharp leaves, dealing damage and protecting Sonia; (Combo) Splits an arrow into multiple, dealing high overall damage unless the target has tough armor or magical shields (each arrow does weak damage alone).

    Ogama Warrior Stone (plus Sum boosters)

    - Inner Flame: (Instant) A small bolt of fire shoots out to deal moderate damage, very quick; (Constant) Heals injuries, but only to a certain extent (cannot heal deadly wounds or cure poisons); (Combo) Shoots a flaming arrow that is stronger than a usual arrow shot by the Sigil Bow (ignores most shields).

    - Inferno's Embrace: (Instant) Multiple large fireballs strike a target, dealing good damage per hit; (Constant) Enhances an object (usually a weapon) with fiery magic, allowing it to hit with intense flames; (Combo) A single arrow that homes in on an enemy and explodes on impact, dealing heavy damage.

    - Immolation: (Instant) Unleashes a stream of fire, scorching a target; (Constant) Surrounds Sonia in an aura of fire, burning anything that gets too close to her; (Combo) A more powerful fire arrow that causes a large explosion on impact and leaves magical flames in the aftermath and in its wake.

    - Blinding Blaze: (Instant) A heavy violet fire blast hits an enemy, causing severe damage; (Constant) Temporarily transforms Sonia into a fire-based being, in which she can fly and use her fiery body for attacks (weak to water); (Combo) Shoots an arrow charged with purest fire energy, with a force that few can withstand (can break Sigil-hardened material) (attack is so powerful that it harms Sonia when she uses it).

    Champion Stone: Growth Stone (Henge: Infinis/Sum)

    Effect: Causes a massive overgrowth in an area. If it is cast directly at a target, the spell will draw energy from the target for plants to grow. This can kill all but the strongest enemies, as the effect will usually drain the victim of all its energy. The stone's energies can combine with the power of Sonia's longbow for increased power. It can also be used to heal wounds, even ones that would normally be fatal.

    Guardian: Furion (call phrase: Nature's Wrath)

    Description: A silver stag that has brambles covering various parts of its body (especially its antlers). A Henge of Ogama and Sum is on its forehead. Furion formerly belonged to Sonia's father, Gerard, before his demise. Now it lives to serve Sonia as it served its former master. It has little overall personality, but it is undoubtedly loyal to Sonia. Though the guardian is not very large, Furion's antlers are very strong, and the stag normally attacks by striking foes with its antlers. It is also able to use nature-based attacks, mainly involving thorns or vines. It also is surrounded in an aura of fog, which can help it evade attacks. The thorns that surround its body will harm enemies that try attacking it up close. It is weak to fire, and weakens if not connected to the ground.

    Background: The only daughter of the forest ranger (and former Di-Gata Defender) Gerard, Sonia follows in her father's footsteps as a hunter and protector of the forests near Ionith, which is found in the Binn-Ar Woods. Along with being a highly proficient archer, Sonia is also an adept spellcaster. She has learned a technique from her father for combining her spells with her arrows, improving her attacks greatly. Her longbow itself is enchanted with the power to imbue arrows it fires with magical properties, such as fire. Although Sonia's spells do not have global effects, she makes up for it with her archery skills, which more than compensate.


    I'm not going to go into any more details on her. You'll just have to read the fanfiction "Ogama Team" on the Di-Gata Defenders website. But trust me, her story is interesting.

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    Yeah, I'm thinking someone (maybe even me...+shifty eyes+) will make a Mary-Sue, but I can but hope.

    Name: Mayriah (prefered May) Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Sigil(s): Ogama and Infinus

    Occupation: Di-Gata Defender, Illiana's Heir and Ogama Wizard

    Relatives: Adopted little sister, Lizzie. (deceased, reincarnated, confused)

    Appearance and Outfit: GAH, Have a better pic. Use this for now. (May favours blue...) http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j284/chadni98/anime%20girls/redgirl.jpg Appearance: Quite beautiful. Long red hair, big blue eyes, tall and slender. Prone to falling over or tripping.

    Personality: Intelligent, kind and helpful, May is a born leader but dosen't mind taking orders from capable leaders, like Seth. She is brash and honest, but quick to anger. Rather patient, if you hit a button she turns into a fury. She's skeptical and hides her emotions, but as she travels with the Defenders she slowly loses her facades. She used to hate crying, and still does, but now she'll crank a tear here and there. She's highly stubborn, opiniated and sometimes just downright pig-headed.

    Weapon of Choice: Her Stones and Ogama Abilities

    Abilities: Highly agile and secretive, May is a pro at getting in and out of places without getting caught. She's highly skilled as a tactican and Wizard, a brilliant Caster and a smart leader. She knows simple healing techniques.

    Spells: Consist of Water and Chaos abilities

    Ogama Warrior Stone (plus Ogama boosters)

    - Vinal Restraint: (Instant) Roots spring from the ground and entangle an enemy, - Tempost Toss: (Instant) Large tidal wave of water greets her enemy and washes them away. Powerful.
    - Ultimate Ogama: Tries not to use this often because it drains her, but she uses all her power in a blasting combo and manages to destory almost any enemy.
    - Razor of Daco: (Instant) A flurry of razor sharp leaves fly at an enemy, causing cuts that can even damage shields or shear through metal
    -Blazing Pyre of Daco: The absolute only attack that exsists between two people, May shares this attack with her brother.

    Element Stone: The element stone is not May's, but a shared stone that only the Defenders can use. This stone can control one of the four elements. The Defenders were supposed to be given it when they recived their guardians, but they were hidden before this could be accomplished, so it was given to May. She uses Water and Earth more then any other and is teaching Kara how to use the Stone.

    Champion Stone: Power Stone (Henge: Ogama/Infinus)

    Effect: Boosts May's power, as also her allies. Causes a 45% increase in attacking ability.

    Guardian: Cerberius (call phrase: Reclaim the Forest)

    Description: Large spectral wolf that has bronze claws and red eyes. Ghostly. It has Ogama on its side and is larger then most wolves. May has a technique that allows her and Cerberius to merge for a temporary amount of time and this has resulted in May being able to communicate with Ceberius. In mini form Ceb is a cute little dog. Ceb abilities include Bronze Power of Rados, which enables her to cut through anything, Dragon Fire, allowing her to breathe fire and Flight of the Sigils, allowing Ceb to fly for quick escapes.

    Background: May was born a Defender. Shortly after birth her parents discovered that their long heritage of Ogama Wizards, which had been since extinct, flourished in May and she was sent away to train very young. Her older brother, Brakkus, was of course the reason May was orphaned at a young age. She lived at a various amount of Dojo's, although she would occasionaly live with her Aunt at Amis-Yan. Her best friend is Adam, who often helped May escape from Brakkus, who hunted her down, thinking she was the last Defender. At eight she was captured and held as his slave for two years. She escaped after learning the truth-that he was her brother. Ever since she has nursed a grude and desired nothing more then to kill him. Shortly after the Defenders retrive the key, May joins them in their mission, keeping her Wizard status a secret.
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    Hehe, um, wow, after reading those I realize I didn't put very much thought into my OC, but here's the best I could do:

    Name: Nikki.

    Age: 13 (I wanted to make her 15 like me but I didn't want her to be older then the Defenders).

    Gender: Female.

    Sigils: Ogama and Yan.

    Relatives: Adam (Big brother by 1 year) Parents (Deceased.)

    Appearance: Ok, so I'm no artist like you guys, and all I did was color over screenshots from the online game, and it's still terrible, but here's the best I got!

    Personality: She's very shy, (like me) but extreamly nice. She's quiet, not pushy. She's very humble, not cocky. She's left handed (also like me). She's tough and a very good fighter, never girly. She's as smart as Erik (so really really really smart! ) and a good stratigizer. She doesn't like to be the center of attention, so she's not really a leader, but she's a good follower, and when time calls for a leader where there is none she will take charge, just not firmly! She has a good sence of humor, not serious, very good at making clever jokes that always catch a laugh or two!

    Weapon of Choice: Her stones, and her martial arts skills.

    Abilities: She's an expert in martial arts. A very good caster.

    Spells: Mostly Fire and Ice Spells.

    (Now this is what I ment when I said i didn't put very much thought into this.)

    Spark Blow (Which I got from the online game): It shoots electricity at the enemy.

    Henge: Ogama.

    And I could only think of one spell. (Maybe you guys could help me with that, coming up with new spells and draw the henges too!)

    Henge: The one on my OC picture.

    Freezing Flame: A ring of blue fire ignites around Nikki and whatever it touches freezes in ice, she can control where it goes and how far it spreads.

    Guardian: Griffinus (Call Phrase: Soar [I'm not very creative so I couldn't think of anything else!]) (Nikki always just calls him Griff!)

    Description: Well obviously a Griffin. Griffinus has been with Nikki since the day she was born, He is very protective of Nikki. He's loving of her and will do anything for her even though she doesn't damand much from him. He and Nikki are more like best friends then owner and Guardian. He has the same henge on his chest (Again, I'm not very creative! ^_^"). He also has fire and ice breath. He loves to fly Nikki around on his back.

    Background: Nikki's parents were Defenders but died when she was born.

    Adam is her older brother by 1 year, but they don't know about each other.

    When Brakkus took Adam, he also took Nikki, but seperated them in two different forttresses across RaDos, 'cause he was afraid together, they might be strong enough to turn against him (and knowing Brakkus, they most likely would!).

    Brakkus spent more time with Adam and doing the stuff he did, then he did with her so she doesn't really know him that well, she doesn't even know his name. He'd visit her occasionally, but only to give his goons more orders.

    That's where she learned her martial arts.

    She's never truly had a home.

    One day he didn't come back, so Nikki decided to take off, forever. Ever since, for a few months, she's been living in caves with Griffinus with no money or a place to go, looking for food, but still keeping in shape and always practicing her martial arts.

    Then one day, she walks into a very dead town, looking for any droped food on the ground. When she finds one and picks it up, these guys show up and start chasing her. They chase her out of town into the woods, and to the bottom of a cliff, she climbs up the cliff and that's where she meets the Defenders. They help her up and she helps them beat those baddies, so she tells them her story and they invite her to join them, so she does, and after, they find out that she can fight! So they think she'd make a good addition to the team.

    While she's with them, she also devolops a crush on Erik (signing up for him btw ), and vis versa, and her and Adam have some sibling chemistry!

    And that's my OC! I'm very creative but oh well!

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    Here is my character. She is based a lot around my personality, except she is a thief and knows a lot about plants (I don't really love plants, but my mom does). I tried hard not to make her a Sue...

    Name: Flora

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Race: Radosian

    Sigil(s): Ogama and Yin

    Occupation: Theif

    Relatives: Reina (mother), Duke (father), Maria (grandmother)

    Appearance and Outfit: She is a green-eyed brunette who is shorter than arevage. She always is original yet elegant. She usually wears a green and turquoise short-sleeved dress decorated with a Ogama-Yin henge with green slippers and short, turquoise gloves. Her hair is usually put in two low pigtails and a bun with chopsticks. Her invisiblity cloak is turquoise and she always carries a green bag with a turquoise flower where there are her stones, a laptop, her cloak and personal effects. [Image]

    Personality: She usually is organized, polite and quiet. She loves to take care of her appearance and tends to be superficial. She also loves to write. She has a journal and is working of a story about a wild guardian who tries to save Rados' nature's beauty. Because she prefers to take care of her looks and to write, she is not a very good caster (a little bit above Bo-level, but definitely not Defender-level). She also tends to be jumpy when things go wrong for her (around Erik-level). Nonetheless, her politeness, her innocent looks and her stealth abilities can fool a lot of people.

    Weapon of Choice: Her stones and her stealth abilities.

    Abilities: She is good at stealth, little fraud schemes and writing.

    Spells: Mostly plant- and wood-based.

    • Somniflower (Yin): Grows a flower that spits some sleeping gas. It takes effect for only a few minutes.
    • Hedge Wall (Ogama + Yin booster): Grows a tall hedge. Used as an escape attack, just like Somniflower.
    • Bulletrees (Yin + Ogama boster): Sends miniature logs in a Forge Fire fashion. Because of their speed, they can go through lots of materials, except dakocite and anything harder.
    • Cageranium (Ogama + 2 Yin boosters): Grows a cage made of tall flowers that look like Altas geraniums.
    • Cadet Nature (Yin + 2 Ogama boosters): Creates an armor made of wood that increases her strength and her courage. Flora usually doesn't use this attack, because it is her most powerful attack.

    Guardian: Terr (call phrase: Grow !)

    Description: Terr looks like a big, anthromorphized flower. It usually is as tall as Omni and has a thin waist and broad soulders, with the Yin sigil engraved on its waist. Its petals takes the form of a wig and there are thorns on its arms. In its miniature form, it looks a bit depressed and sickly, but in its full form, it is a very competent warior, which helps Flora a lot. It can use a branch like a Bo staff or throw flowers like ninja stars (they cut like ninja stars too). Terr loves rain while Flora doesn't and tends to dance and even sing under rain showers. It is also Flora's muse.

    Background: Flora's parents own a flower shop in Ogama-Gor. Mother makes the flowers grow while father counts the money. Since Flora doesn't have her mom's green thumb nor her father's accounting skills, she only greeted the customers. She learned to read early and loved flowers, which made her love writing and nature. Because her parents wanted her to develop more abilities, they sent her to the nearest dojo, but got expelled because of her specialization in Yin. She eventually was recruited by a thief who improved her stone casting and gave her her guardian. She is now loyal to that man (not in love) and is now a talented crook.

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    I called Rion!

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