Di-Gata Defenders

TELETOON (ended 2008)


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  • Intresting, has every singal detail a good show needs, orngial and entertaining. Mad at 4k!ds, thought.*WARNING! spoilers in this review, don't like, don't read on*

    Ok, I know what your thinkin', 'Oh noes, it's one of those people that been fans since the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!11111111' Don't. Look, I thought it was stupid before, but, after a while, I got hooked on it.

    I guess I'm not the only one. Ok, how many of you fans thought this show was one of those sucky ones before you got obsessed? *many hands raised* I thought so. This show has many plot twists that you'll never belived, its characters shall intrest you, has a lot of stuff fans crave for in a show, and it's orngail.

    "But this is one of those game things." Look, don't let the game based on the show fool you. The dice they used in the show were used as weaponds. "4k!ds shows suck" It wasn't made by that station. If it did, then there won't be any character death in it(yes, people die in it), they won't mention the words 'dying', 'death', 'dead' and 'kill' in it, Adam's past won't be even in the story, some of the episodes won't even exsits and there won't be the Adam/Mel 'Acuard moment'. It was distrubed by a Canadian station.

    "Canada cartoons all suck" Well, aren't we rasits. Look, just because something's made from Canada, doesn't mean it sucks. Ok, I'm not a fan of ALL shows made from Canada, but I like the decent ones. Ok, the main reason I gave it a 9.9 is because of Kara sounds younger then she's suposed to be. I mean, she's at least 12. But, she's voice acted by the same person that did Minnie Moon in the sailor moon dub. Not one of those crappy 4k!ds actors.