Di-Gata Defenders

TELETOON (ended 2008)


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  • The twists and turns of the story's plot will make you beg for more with each episode that passes. Trust me.

    I've always found that a lot of action/adventure TV shows are somewhat predictable in where they're gonna go. And you also had a lot of TV episodes which end in "everything's back to normal", or has something in it you're totally expecting. And then Di-Gata Defenders came along, and I now never really know what to expect.

    This is a series where you need to watch each episode to make sure you get all the details. Things can change in an instant, making the story much more complicated than it initially seems. What first starts off as a quest to find four mystical stones in order to chain a great beast becomes an adventure unlike any other.

    One of the biggest selling points, however, is the amount of detail that was put into the show. The voice actors were well-picked (unlike with some shows, i.e. One Piece 4Kids dub), the animations are smooth and beautiful, and you just have to marvel at the backgrounds. It's incredibly detailed.

    While the U.S. is only in the first season, we here in Canada are into the second. Be warned: you cannot afford to miss a SINGLE episode!