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Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 1999)



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Di Gi Charat

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Di Gi Charat features Dejiko, Puchiko, and Gema, from the Di Gi Charat star. They have come to Earth and settled in the room of a place known as "Gamers", so long as they work for the manager. But that's not all - Dejiko's nemesis, Rabi~En~Rose, is along for the ride too, and you'll meet other new characters as well!
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  • Dejiko and Punchiko lands on earth to find and right job and the right stuff. they got a job at a video game and anime store in Tokyo. They suffered throught a lot of crazy actions they have been doing.moreless

    This anime is the worst anime I've ever seen. It is aimed toward to children and aired it every morning before school starts in japan. There's also a manga and it's better than this and this anime should not get any mercy. Pros:

    +Great Soundtrack


    -Terrible Animation

    -Terrible Artwork

    -Bad Voices

    -Bad Script

    -Only Three Minutes Long

    Stay away from this anime it's not that worth it. The manga maybe worth it and this is a really bad translation of the manga. Well it has some great soundtrack well I rather not watch the anime but read the manga if you want to. Also the manga has the same lame storyline but it's worth a shot. So overall stay away from this anime that means don't buy no DVDs or VHS of this series.moreless
  • It's like it's Japan's Invader Zim.

    This show may be weird, but it's super funny and is just the thing that makes me laugh, all the crazy antics, characters being spazzes, and other good stuff. Sometimes it gets so weird you wonder why you're still watching it, but it certainly is a show worth watching. My favorite characters are the Black Gemma Gemma Dan, they're the coolest (and stupidest) bad guys out there.

    The animation can be a little strange too, like you'll see something drawn all beautiful and detailed but in the background it's all lazy and crap. I wonder if there's an English dub of the show... O_Omoreless
  • It's the craziest TV-show I've ever seen!

    I just love Di Gi Charat. It's cute, it's funny and above all, it's totally insane!

    I love how they alter between less simple to almost child-drawing style (I love that in general in anime). And the weirdness of the story is just awesome.

    My favourite characters are Puchiko and Gema. I can't really choose between them you know. And both feels like evil side-kicks to Dejiko. And honestly, doesn’t't Puchiko seem way more evil than her sister (or whatever she is, -that- is a bit confusing)? Even if she almost does nothing. She's like a very cool, calculating villain, but on the good side.

    It's amazing how much they fit in 3 minutes too, well, it might be the insane speed of it. Most of my friends who I have forced to watch it with me has said it was way to hyper for them to understand. But well, according to me, that's the charm and greatness of this show!

    Let's summarize: this is a show worth watching. But don't do it with headache. ^^


  • Very cute indeed^^ Even though this show has violence I find it very hilarious

    I love Digi Charat, Dejiko always ends her sentence with nyo~And Puchiko is just CUTER than EVER with her nyu~!

    As for Gema, I really just laugh at him alot in different times

    Rabi-an-Rose,well,I guess she's ok,she always fight with Dejiko which makes it interesting

    I really never seen Piyoko in the episodes before,maybe she will appear in a special occasion?Other than that,AWESOME SHOW
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