Diagnosis Murder

Season 6 Episode 15

Murder on the Hour

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1999 on CBS

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  • The Angel of Death stalks the halls at Community General.

    I enjoyed this one. The addition of "lecherous" cops as sidekicks for Steve added quite a lot of humour from my point of view. The writers captured the archetypal macho chauvanist male and the repeated female knock backs just made it funnier. The main story is quite good too, I worked out the initial "why" at the same time as Dr. Sloan, but got the "who" completely wrong. I got the penultimate "why" partly right too (largely thanks to many years of reading and watching Detective Fact & Fiction. LOL). As usual, the final moment of truth only came a couple of minutes before the end, the only way I guessed who it was by looking at the perps shoes and walk, but I didn't get the connection until it was mentioned. It made use of a trick which became popular much later in things like "24" and "Without A Trace" - the use of a clock marking distinctive points during the night - not a usual part of the "Diagnosis Murder" writing style, but it worked very well to make the point for this storyline.