Diagnosis Murder

Season 4 Episode 15

Murder Two (1)

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1997 on CBS

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  • Andy Griffith guest stared as Ben Matlock

    When Jesse gets sued in a malpractice case, Mark brings in teh best Lawyer, an old friend Ben Matlock, but after the star witness ends up dead the charges are dropped and new charges are brought up, when Jessie is charged with murder.

    While Jessie goes crazy in jail Ben, Mark, Steve and Amanda check out Eric's house, Ben ends up takling to Debbie Gardner, after seeing a picture of her husband atb the hospital, Ben as always is on top of things but has yet to proof any of his suspicions, until Debbie's husband almost kills him and Debbie jumps in to save him, ending the first part of the episode.

    great episode, a well written crossover, Andy Griffith, and Dick Van Dyke, are a great comedic team.
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