Diagnosis Murder

Season 4 Episode 16

Murder Two (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1997 on CBS

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  • Ben and Mark Get to the bottom of Eric's Spinler's death

    Part 2.

    After Debbie relealized it was her husband that tried to kell Ben, she became histaric, and after Ben questions her some more he becomes suspecious, that she was some how involved, so to cover herself up Debbie accepts that her husband might have killed her sister amd Eric Spinler.

    Mark and Ben aren't buying it, and When Ben thinks he finally has her on the stand she pulls a surprise and shes she was on a plane for Mexico, which is true, but it later turns out that she whent there for the poison, and that Jerry, is the one who in fact did kill Eric, her and Debbie plotted together and killed both men, they went to Jail and Jesse went free.

    Great conclusion, I thought the ending was funny, with Mark's glasses, how he was as blind as a bat.