Diagnosis Murder

Season 5 Episode 13

Retribution (1)

Aired Unknown Jan 08, 1998 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The history behind the character name of Gordon Ganza is a long one. Its origins are connected with the writing team of Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon, with whom Goldberg & Rabkin worked on Spenser: For Hire. In ep #16 of The Cosby Mysteries (on which Goldberg & Rabkin worked as producers/writers), actor Jordan Clarke portrayed Gordon Ganza. Coincidentally, Clarke acted in an episode of Spenser:... penned by Gansa & Gordon.

    • According to writer Lee Goldberg, this episode was to be used as the springboard for a potential spin-off series called The Chief, which would focus on Fred Dryer's character of Police Chief Masters.

  • Quotes

    • Malcom Trainer: "Psst Mark. . . oh Maaark . . . Welcome to Hell, my old friend. I've been waiting for you."

    • Judge Yale: "Dr. Sloan, I've admired you for many years. As a doctor you've saved countless lives and as a detective, you've aided the cause of justice. And now you have perverted all that your life stood for. You've used your knowledge of criminology and medicine to commit the kinds of crimes you worked your life fighting to prevent. And you knew the consequences and you chose to do it anyway. Dr. Mark Sloan, for the murders of Gordan Gonza, and Spring Dano, I hereby sentence you to death by lethal injection."

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