Diagnosis Murder

Season 5 Episode 14

Retribution (2)

Aired Unknown Jan 15, 1998 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mark is busy telling Steve to take things easy and not give anyone else a chance to kill him again. Malcolm trainer is busy making fun of Steve that begins to anger Mark. Tanis Archer begins to fill angry that she put Mark in prison. Steve tells her she was just doing her job and falling the evidence where it led her. Steve tells her the evidence was wrong.

Before his release from prison Malcolm trainer compares been in prison like being on the first section of a plane. Mark continues to listen to Malcolm fun of him. Soon Mark gets so angry that he pulls Malcolm's shirt to try and get answers to stop picking on Steve.

Mark tries to get Malcolm to understand that he put glyburide in his white serial then when she took the insulin she would later died. Malcolm doesn't seem to understand that what he did was wrong.

Tanis Archer desperately tries to convince Chief Masters that maybe Mark is innocent of his crime. Only Chief Masters doesn't seem to believe her. Mark tries to get a guard's attention by telling him that he feels Steve will be killed and he wants someone to get a message to Steve. Sadly though no one will believe Mark.

Now that Tanis and Steve have away they think they could clear Mark of murderer they ask the Chief if they can go interview the suspect that shot Steve. The Chief tells them they can't do that and that they their assignments.

Steve and Tanis are determined to still go after the guy even if it means going against a direct order from the Chief.

Mark is allowed to leave his cell for a call from Amanda. Mark immediately asks Amanda how badly Steve may be hurt.

Steve and Tanis question someone they think is a criminal but is actually an undercover cop that Chief Masters personally put on the case.

Steve asks Chief Masters if this mob war was his idea. Steve is told that the man he thought was a criminal actually works for Chief Masters to help him get to the bottom of this case. The state Supreme Court overturns Malcolm trainer's conviction.

Mark figures out that framing him for murder is all a distraction because the trainer Brothers run the firm that handles the mob's money. Now they have to try and find mob money is there is no mob money.

Chief Masters apologizes to Mark for setting him up for murder. He later asks Steve if he wants another position in the Department Steve would rather stay in the same position. Mark is having a party and comment that the food was better in prison and then at hospital.
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