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  • This series is the best ever. It is funny, sad, intriguing and very very capitaving. For anyone who has not seen it you are hooked from the first episode the last, you know the team are going to get their murderer but no story is ever the same.

    Doctor Mark Sloan (Dick Van Dyke)and his colleagues,together with his gorgeous policeman son both on and off screen Steve Sloan (Barry Van Dyke(who also played St. John Hawk in Airwolf)investigate both usual and unusual murders, my favourite of which is Malibu Fire, closely followed by Retribution (1) and (2) in which Steve is on a life support machine after being gunned down by a prisoner who has a grudge against Mark Sloan. Steve does not recover until the final throws of the first episode, by which time his dad has been framed for murder and sentenced to death. Of course Steve, although on sick leave, sets out to clear his father's name.
    We are so lucky at the moment in the UK as we have the episodes on both BBC and Hallmark totalling three hours a day! Long may it continue!
  • Sometimes predictable, but very entertaining.

    Diagnosis Murder starring Dick Van Dyke and his son David Van Dyke as murder mystery solving father and son with a little help from friends at the hospital - community general. A very successful show to reach 8 seasons, each episode will guarantee some laughs and entertaining moments.

    Personally, I thought that this was a more recent show, maybe 2000+, I must say that I was surprised to learn that the show had first aired back in the 1990s. It would have been great to see the show go on further more, but it had a good run nonetheless.

    I recommend for crime fans.
  • Great show.

    Diagnosis murder is an awesome show. I always enjoy watching it. I still watch it when they show episodes no matter if I've seen the episodes before. The show's always full of action and of course he necessary romance. The actors did a great job in playing the characters. On screen, you could see they were friends off screen. I really like this show a lot. What's not to like? We have action, romance, angst, adventure, Sience fiction (thaink alienated), drama, humor and let's not forget, the show had Jesse ;) This is a show I won't forget easily. It's just pre relasing when you watch it.
  • A must see classic

    Diagnosis Murder stars Dick van Dyke as Dr Mark Sloan, a doctor and assistant to the police force. Dr Sloan and his friends aswell as detective son (played by real life son Barry van Dyke) work together to solve murders. Despite the fact that Dr Sloan seems to know every victim or murderer and every show seems to end in Dr Sloan orchestrating a plan to catch the killer red handed every episode, the format is never too repetetive and this is a great watch, with Dick van Dyke adding his usual humuor, obviously to cheer him up as a lot of the people he knows seem to end up dead.

    As long you don't take the show too seriously, you wil enjoy watching Diagnosis Murder, as i do.
  • The cast is great and the show never ceases to make me laugh, but it's so strange!

    The cast is great and the show never ceases to make me laugh, but it's so strange! The characters interact really well together to create andinteresting and funny show. However the murder stories are kind of strange. It's always dumb luck that they ever solve the murder. And when does this doctor ever work? Don't doctors have really demanding jobs? Yet I like the show! Such a strange contradiction.
  • Missed

    I sooooo miss this show, even though we do have loads of re-runs, it would be great to see Dick Van Dyke, his son Barry and the rest of the cast once again.

    This show had some great episodes, which young and old alike enjoyed, as well as comedy and mayhem.

    Bring it back!!!
  • An absolute classic!

    I love this show. If and when the show make it to the UK on DVD, I will love it forever! I am a big whodunit fan both of shows from the US and here in the UK. However, Diagnosis Murder is my absolute favourite of the bunch.
    The mixture of comedy and mystery holds the attention and the main actors play their parts wonderfully.
    OK, so there have been a few weak episodes over the 8 years the show ran but that's a tiny complaint for a show like this.
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