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  • Aw wow!

    I miss the reruns already on Hallmark. Can't afford expensive amazon.
  • A guilty pleasure

    Cheesier than a parmesan sandwich, this is a lazy Sunday afternoon favourite. The only low point for me has been the attempted introduction of every Van Dyke in existence to the program.

    The 'Obsession' episodes are a particular favourite of mine. Utterly ludicrous but brilliant fun.
  • solid detective show

    With a pleasant mix of drama,interesting characters, and a bit of comedy, Daignosis Murder is a solidly pleasant detective show. Working as a team, Dick Van Dyke's character is pleasantly accompanied by Scott Baio's character and the actress famous to those of us who love the soap opera The Young and the Restless as the murdered Drucilla. The mysteries themselves hold up well and have interesting settings. This show would fit in well today on USA as the people on the show certainly have character.It's a likeable show, certainly worth watching for mystery fans on a holiday weekend when all of the other shows may be reruns as well. At least these shows might be new to today's viewer.
  • Dick Van Dyke heads up a great cast which includes his son as he finds time to work on murder cases while working as a busy doctor in a big hospital.


    I have to admit that some of the episodes of this show made me cringe, but not too many of them because mostly, they were just plain fun to watch as Dick Van Dyke, in his role as Dr. Mark Sloan set about solving crime while expertly administering medical treatment to the sick. Not bomb threats nor fires or any other kind of disaster will deter the good doctor and his team from performing their dual roles of investigators and doctors.

    Another great thing about the show was the excellent guest stars it produced on a regular basis. Good medicine, indeed and worth watching for new fans and old.

  • Diagnosis Murder is an excellent medical drama without all the blood of those other medical shows. Dick Van Dyke is classic. It just never gets old.

    Diagnosis Murder is an excellent medical drama without all the blood of those other medical shows. Dick Van Dyke is classic. Dr. Mark Sloan (Dick Van Dyke) is allways interesting being the chief of internal medicine at Community General Hospital and still finding time to help his son, Detective Steve Sloan (Barry Van Dyke), solve homicides as an unofficial consulant to the LAPD. Every episode they manage to find themselves in the middle of a murder, and wittily solve it. It just never gets old. This is just purely a superb show. I'm am very glad that they decided to put Diagnosis Murder on DVD. Many more people need to discover the fascinating addictive show of Diagnosis Murder.
  • Dick Van Dyke can do better.

    I'm a huge fan of Dick Van Dyke not only from his classic sitcom but from "Mary Poppins" and more. So it pains me when I watch "Diagnosis Murder" and see his considerable talent being wasted on cast-off whodunit fluff.

    There's a good track record with taking a likable, popular older star and building a mystery series around them (Angela Lansbury, Andy Griffith, Tom Bosley). But sometimes the elements don't come together, and even when you have an old pro like Van Dyke (or, more recently John Larroquette in the ill-conceived "McBride") it falls flat.

    What's wrong with "Diagnosis Murder?" Bad writing, worse acting - a supporting cast that has little-to-no chemistry with the leading man, and a star who doesn't seem to have his heart in the work. It's dull and lifeless - Mark Sloan lacks the character of Jessica Fletcher and Matlock. He's practically a void - he presents solutions and solves the cases and is going through the motions.

    It's really sad, because Dick Van Dyke can do drama. Just look at his turn as a murderer in "Columbo." But the material here is so far beneath him he can't elevate it. How this lasted eight seasons is beyond me. It should have been put out to pasture long before that.
  • This is my secret pleasure at half 2 on weekedays!

    Ok, so has a student I find my self going in at random times and when I come home from half days at Uni I find myself watching this show! I can't quite put my finger on what it is that makes me love this show so much- could it be the cuteness of Jesse - replaced Jack in my affections even if he has height issues :D! Or could it be that Dick Van Dyke always reminds me of the sort of guy who you think would make a great grandad! With its daft stories and the ability to try and work out who killed who and why I find this a simple yet fully enjoyable pleasure!! xx
  • Diagnosis Murder starred Dick Van Dyke as a doctor/police dective who ran a hospital called Community General.

    Diagnosis Murder was basically a drama but it had some humor to it to. It teamed up real-life father and son legend Dick Van Dyke and Barry Van Dyke as father Mark (Dick) and son Steve (Barry) This show got better with every episode I was instantly hooked, me and my mom always watched this show together, There was a few guest appearances like Matlock (Andy Griffith) and a few other. The season 5 finale was very shocking, not something I expected. I always expected the unexpected with this show.
  • A group of doctors and a police officer all come together to investigate suspicious deaths and stuff.

    I love this programme! Plainly love it. Dick Van Dyke is Brilliant! He really is. And i love trying to work out who murdered who because im into forensics and stuff so when they give you the clues and stuff. But i never seem to work out the whole lot. Sometimes ive worked out who done it, but not how it was done and vice versa. The reason i gave it a 9.9 was becuase sometimes you already know who the murderer is and although i still like them i prefer to try and work it out myself. Jesse is really fit too soits just like the show has everything for me! (if only it had aliens and supernatural beings). Although they did have the episode with the vampire that was good. A great show and even thought i was only 1 when it started i love it.
  • The adventures of a doctor-cum-detective Mark Sloan, who helps the police solve murders that they usually think isn't or have arrested the wrong person.

    Running for eight seasons between 1993 and 2001, and along with five made-for-television movies, Diagnosis Murder saw Dick Van Dyke play Dr. Mark Sloan, a doctor at Community General Hospital who helps the police solve cases that usually involve murder.

    This series is an average version of a cross between Murder, She Wrote and Quincy, where you tune in knowing that the murderer will be arrested in the end – a trait that most afternoon detective shows use. A few times though the murderer actually got killed, usually unintentionally.

    Not one of the best shows around, but if there is nothing else on TV on a rainy day, then you can waste an hour watching this – is also available on DVD, but unless you are a die-hard fan, then I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • I have always loved this show, ever since I was a little girl. I'm just as big an addict now!

    Though I'm really a fan of anything that has Jesse, I love the entire series. I bought the 1st season as soon as I could afford it. Now they just need to put out more seasons to satisfy my insatiable need. I always loved the formula of this series, and the father/son duo of Dick and Barry Van Dyke. I was a bit leery when they had the grandson's on, those episode's weren't quite up to standards, but otherwise a wonderful series I was sad to see go. It was quite understandable why it needed to go off air, I mean Dick was in his late 70's, and no man that age should have to deal with the rigorous time consuming schedule of filming a weekly TV show. But it was in the top 10 ratings throughout most of it's long run. It was something to be proud of. Especially when you consider it's star was over 60 for the entire series! Long live Diagnosis Murder in syndication! I will always be a devoted watcher, and I hope everyone else will too.
  • It is one of the greatest shows ever to be aired

    I think that this show was great. the way the show was set up, it could have gone on forever. my favorite characters are Jesse and Dr. Mark sloan. I don't have one favorite episode but I think that the latter seasons had some of the best and most creative episodes. The shows that were two one hour shows can sometimes be watched on the hallmark channel. I was really sad when it was cancelled and i am even more said that PAX as stopped showing reruns of the show. if anybody knows of a channel that shows reruns, please tell me.
  • Dick Van Dyke as a serious actor was better than I thought!

    For the first few episodes, I thought it was wierd to see Van Dyke play a doctor, but this show really became one of the few major network shows that I wanted to seriously watch anymore,a trait I lose more an more as good TV series are cancelled and horrible reality shows pollute primetime. Diagnosis Murder became much better to me once Scott "Hey, I'm the one who killed Happy Days!" Baio left the series. The episodes just kept getting better and better. Dick and his son had a wonderful camaraderie, and the mysteries and characters worked very well. The Matlock crossover was my favorite, as are the cameo episodes where all the familiar stars return. I just wished the show lasted a lot longer. It seems as if it was taken away just as I was trully starting to enjoy it.
  • I give this television show a ten out of ten. If I were a film critic and this were a film I would give it four stars. This is my all time favorite show. Much more exciting and fun to watch then the so called reality shows. I give this show two thumbs up.

    I love this show. I don't what it was that got me hooked. I used to watch it every Thursday night at eight o'clock. When CBS stopped showing it I got very dissapointed. I didn't think I was ever going to get to watch it again. Then I caught it on television at nine in the morning and I watched it then. Then again it wasn't on anymore. Then about two months ago I was flipping through the channels and caught it once again. They are all reruns but I love this show so much that I make sure I catch it every Sunday. I get to watch four great hours of this show. I would recommend this show to everyone. The plot and characters are great. I would deffiently love to find the seasons disc sets and buy them. This show is great.
  • Diagnosis Murder is a crime based show that Mark Sloan, whose played by Dick van ####, solves a crime within the one hour limit with help from Lt Steve Sloan, whose played by Barry van ####, Jesse, Amanda and sometimes by Jack.

    i love this show because it has humor and it also has some serious parts between all of the characters. Everyone are very good actors and actresses especially the main characters, Mark, Steve,Jack,Amanda and Jesse. I also love this show because I like Steve,Jesse and Jack in their own unique way. I am not sure which episode is my favorite because I like different things in each episode that i have seen so far. I also like how Dick's and Steve's family members are guest stars on some of the episodes. Another thing that i like about Diagnosis Murder is that in different episodes, it shows the actors and actresses other talents besides acting. Like for instance,in the episode, The Pressure to Murder, it shows Jesse playing the guitar, which he can play in real life.
  • When You Think of Great Murder Mystery Shows, Diagnosis Murder Comes to Mind

    After watching this series for a good portion of my life, I am finally starting to discover through the reruns just how good of a show that this really is. Every single episode is intriguing and leaves you on the edge of your seat. The occasional movies were also great never straying far from the core of the series. I am glad that they have finally decided to bring this show to DVD as I know that there are a ton of fans out there who have been waiting for it for ages, including myself. If you have never watched Diagnosis Murder before, now would be a great time for you to start, especially with the release of the first season on DVD. 10/10!
  • My summary is that more young people should watch this show, it helps people to realise what is really happening in the real world and anyone interested in making a career in medicine either as a doctor or a pathologist can get a few tips of this show.

    I love this series it\'s just great, everything on the film is fabulous, the characters are so real and so positive they do everyting that a normal person would do in the situiations given. I especially love dr sloan he\'s just great he always finds the answer and he does it in the most funny ways. Dr Sloan has so many tricks up his sleeves that you dont no which hand to watch at all times.
  • why god why

    for the life of me i will never understand why shows like this and murder she wrote were so popular. i could not stand them. i guess i just was not old enough to get it. here is an example of how cbs survived the 90's with safe entertainment. if it were up to me all the episodes of this show and murder she wrote would be locked up somewhere never to be seen again.
  • Terrific series. Great ensemble.

    I have to admit to liking this show better when Charlie Schlatter was on it. No offense to Scott Baio, but the series didn't seem to click with him. While his acting was fine, I don't think the material suited the show (his past on the street didn't seem to work).

    When Charlie joined they turned the show away from the streets and made it more what it was supposed to be: doctors solving crimes. Perhaps it was the type of crimes that changed as well. And it worked with the type of characters depicted on the show.

    I can watch this again and again. The characters are very likeable and the plots are easy and fun to watch. I'm glad it's coming out on DVD.
  • Dr. Mark Sloan, along with his clever and courageous, as well as silly and compassionate, group of associates, solve some of the most baffling and suspenseful murders on mystery TV.

    I love love love love love this show SO much!! I never miss an episode on Hallmark! I am a mystery buff and this show is my favorite mystery show of all time next to Murder, She Wrote!

    Dick Van Dyke, still a fabulous actor, marvelously portrays the daring and witty "amateur detective" Doctor Mark Sloan. Full of humor and warm wit, along with incredible smarts and mystery skills, Mark Sloan is a wonderful detective, an excellent father for his son and daughter in the show, and a fabulous doctor. He's found the solutions to some of the most confusing and fascinating murders I've ever seen!

    My favorite episode would have to be "X Marks the Murderer". Although slightly scary in its own ways, it was also a simply magnificent episode of the show. I certainly hope they keep on rolling with the episodes.

    All in all, I give it a perfect 10! Diagnosis Murder rocks my world!
  • Diagnosis Murder blew past my expectations.

    Diagnosis Murder blew past my expectations. At first, I had expected same old same old plot development but twist after turn of excitement and action just way exceeded my expectations. Mind you, there were some problems (most discontinuity issues) that I don't have the time to mention but all in all, a solid 9.
  • Amazing show with mystery as well as humor!

    This show stars some fabulous actors. Of course we've got Dick van Dyke(Mark Sloan) and his son, Barry van Dyke(Steve Sloan) as leading cast but we've also got Victoria Rowell(Amanda Bentley) and Charlie Schlatter(Jesse Travis). Let's not forget Scott Baio (jack Stewart 'season 1-2), Michael Tucci(Norman Briggs) and Delores Hall(Delores). Apart from an amazing cast, the show has great plots that have humor as well as mystery, emotion, action... We see Mark solving more crimes then his son does but what would Steve be without their help? Which he gets whether he likes it or not which brings all of them in some interesting situations. It's a real shame this show has ended but nothing's forever!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Diagnosis Murder

    It may not have the effects of ER but it is still one of the best shows around. In the UK it is on in the afternoon which is a little anoying as i am at college during the day, but when i do get to watch it i love it. I love the characters, the plot lines everything, it is such a good show. Everyone should watch it at least once. It is such a good show, and is always changing. I would watch out with being friends with the characters though as there is the odd possibility that you could be murdered.
  • This is my all-time favorite show!

    I love Diagnosis Murder; it is so great, so original, and so well done. Even though they sometimes tell you the killer at the beginning, it is still exciting to see Mark and everyone else put the puzzle together, while all the while you are putting things together too. It really makes you think hard and it also tells about medicing a lot which I will need for my future career. And Jesse is the all time cutest, blondest doctor. I love him! They are all great... sometimes Norman gets on my nerves, but that\\\'s besides the point. I watch it every day- it\\\'s on the Hallmark Channel for you peeps who want it back.
  • Diagnosis Murder is a great murder mystery show.

    I wish they would have kept Diagnosis Murder on. I don\\\\\\\'t know anyone else who watched it, but I loved it. At least they should have kept on playing the reruns, but they took those off too. 8( It was good and clean tv. Something you could go to to get away from all the dumb reality shows.
  • Well, when I say nobody knows I watch this I lie, only one person knows I watch this....and she loves it too! We can be embarrassed together over being DM fans!

    Diagnosis Murder is the type of programme that you really shouldn\'t like, but no matter how much you try to convince yourself that it is wrong to watch DM you hear that title music and just have to rush to the TV to see what mystery Dick Van Dyke and the gang will solve today. OK, I admit, some bits can be predictable, and the acting is not always the best, but hey, I still love it and nothing will change that!
  • Diagnosis Murder one of my favorites. Is it on TV anywhere now? If not, bring it back at the earliest possible moment!

    Great detective show. Dr. Sloan convincing as doctor, Jesse convincing doc, Barry great cop. I like everyone on the show except the pathologist. I forget her name. Her character always angry, sarcastic, mean-spirited. I guess that was the writers\' idea of a \"strong woman.\" Why do almost all TV script writers seem to think any strong woman must be a virago, a Virginia Wolf type? Untrue!. A strong, secure woman is not afraid to be kind, respectful, vulnerable.Also didn\'t like the way Dr. Jesse Travis was always butt of jokes. Others on show were supposed to love him, but none showed any respect for him. Mean-spiritedness, ridicule, are never funny, just mean-spirited.
    That\'s my only complaint. Please bring the show back. I need my Dr. Sloan fix! Why was the show taken off TV?
  • I miss diagnosis murder. I mean reallt miss it. And barry van dyke is sorta cute ya know. I think someone should bring it back!!!! here they stopped sending it. stupid. i miss it and i lovd it!!!!!!! ron

    barry and dick has a father son ralationship which every father wants. and it is clear here. it`s full of action, and the good don`T always get whta they want. and the doctor is sorta a brother to barrys character, i think.
    love it. pretty much has it all.
    tiger-rj. having fun wathcing tv
  • Diagnosis Murder is my favourite programme ever. Mark is so funny!

    Mark and Steve make a great team but isnt Steve supposed to be the detective. Mark solves all the murders he should be the detective not steve!
    Amanda and Jesse help more than Steve all he does is jump on people to stop them getting away once Mark has solved the murder!
  • The Sloan's are a father and son team that try and solve weekly who-dunnit murder mystery - they are helped in their investigations by the staff of Community General Hospital. This is a thoroughly entertaining show that needs to be seen to be fully appre

    This show follows the staff at Community General Hospital, led by Dr Mark Sloan, attempt to solve a who-dunnit murder mystery. With the help of the police, and more specifically his son, Detective Steve Sloan, the pair manage to track down all suspects and using the clues left at the scene, apprehend the culprit.

    In the UK this show is classed as a daytime drama, which often means it's not popular enough for evening viewing. I would tend to disagree - this show always provides compulsive viewing. The plots are often a little far fetched, and the guilty person is always going to be caught by the end of the show, but the way the show guides the viewer through the investigation is just so entertaining. The great characters, and light hearted approach to the script just adds to the shows endearing appeal.

    This is a good all round show - it won't provide you with lots of plot twists like CSI, nor will it provide great action like 24, but this show does offer you a chance to sit back and relax, while watching a thoroughly addictive show...... and I've not even mentioned Dick Van Dyke as the lead role yet!!!
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