Diagnosis Murder

CBS (ended 2001)





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  • The Sloan's are a father and son team that try and solve weekly who-dunnit murder mystery - they are helped in their investigations by the staff of Community General Hospital. This is a thoroughly entertaining show that needs to be seen to be fully appre

    This show follows the staff at Community General Hospital, led by Dr Mark Sloan, attempt to solve a who-dunnit murder mystery. With the help of the police, and more specifically his son, Detective Steve Sloan, the pair manage to track down all suspects and using the clues left at the scene, apprehend the culprit.

    In the UK this show is classed as a daytime drama, which often means it's not popular enough for evening viewing. I would tend to disagree - this show always provides compulsive viewing. The plots are often a little far fetched, and the guilty person is always going to be caught by the end of the show, but the way the show guides the viewer through the investigation is just so entertaining. The great characters, and light hearted approach to the script just adds to the shows endearing appeal.

    This is a good all round show - it won't provide you with lots of plot twists like CSI, nor will it provide great action like 24, but this show does offer you a chance to sit back and relax, while watching a thoroughly addictive show...... and I've not even mentioned Dick Van Dyke as the lead role yet!!!
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