Diagnosis Murder

CBS (ended 2001)





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  • I have always loved this show, ever since I was a little girl. I'm just as big an addict now!

    Though I'm really a fan of anything that has Jesse, I love the entire series. I bought the 1st season as soon as I could afford it. Now they just need to put out more seasons to satisfy my insatiable need. I always loved the formula of this series, and the father/son duo of Dick and Barry Van Dyke. I was a bit leery when they had the grandson's on, those episode's weren't quite up to standards, but otherwise a wonderful series I was sad to see go. It was quite understandable why it needed to go off air, I mean Dick was in his late 70's, and no man that age should have to deal with the rigorous time consuming schedule of filming a weekly TV show. But it was in the top 10 ratings throughout most of it's long run. It was something to be proud of. Especially when you consider it's star was over 60 for the entire series! Long live Diagnosis Murder in syndication! I will always be a devoted watcher, and I hope everyone else will too.