Diagnosis Murder

Season 7 Episode 11

Santa Claude

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1999 on CBS

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  • Christmas episode

    When Mark finds out that a man who has worked at the hospital as a florist, is an escape convict from Missouri, who has be accused of killing his wife 10 years ago, Mark attempts to prove his innocence. Steve Then travels to St. Louis and meets up with the Captain of the St. Louis Police Department, and discuss the case, Steve then questions Claude's wife's friend and her ex-husband he is surprised to find out that there stories are different, he also finds out that he was having an affair with Claude's wife.

    This leads them back to Sharon (Claude’s Wife’s) friend, and when they present her with a Search Warrant, she decides to take her own life then show them the box.

    I liked this episode, even though Mark found out that Claude was and escape convict he still believed his story. in the end Mark helped him escape and spend his remaining days in Mexico.