Diagnosis Murder

Season 6 Episode 9

The Last Resort

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1998 on CBS

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  • the episode aimed to prove Reggie's guilt, but along the way you see Steve lose his temper with a suspect and shoot dead a suspect and cover up the fact that he was unarmed. you also see Steve 'sectioned' in The Last Resort.

    this episode started with Steve and his partner interrogating a suspect accused of nicking a woman's purse. Steve got angry and lashed out at the suspect, which led to him and his partner getting told off by their captain. the teaser finished with Steve throwing a chair through a glass window. afetr the titles, things started getting worse for Steve. he was pulled off a homicide case and put on a rape stakeout with his dissolutional partner. on this stakeout, Steve ends up shooting a suspect dead, and there is a cover up. Steve's captain knows the truth and threatens to call in Internal Affairs and the Feds., but gave him the alternative of spending 90 days lockdown in The Last Resort, Ward 2 at Community General. Here we see Steve shutting out his father, and at one stage, he takes Mark hostage in order to escape. After this, we learn that the whole thing has been a set-up to prove Reggie killed his family.
    the whole programme was well written from the start, and you were led to believe that the events were real and unplanned. not until the end of the episode did you understand why Steve was acting as he was.
    this episode is well watching, as you'll be drawn into the goings on.