Diagnosis Murder

Season 6 Episode 3

Till Death Do Us Part

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1998 on CBS

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  • A young couple plot an elaborate murder to kill her wealthy father and frame her step mother on their wedding day, In theory its a brilliant plot, but with a few mishaps and Mark Sloane on to them it doesnt go according to plan....

    I loved this episode, it was so funny, Im not even sure it was meant to be, but having Staci Keenan as the bitter daughter Cindy trying to murder her wealthy father Wade who was Patrick Duffy it was like a Step By Step reunion, where Dana bumps of Frank.

    Ok so there are two stories told in this episode, the perfect murder of the evil father Wade, who hates the groom, is mean to everybody, and a bit of a penny pinching scrooge, this is plotted by his daughter Cindy and her husband to be Philip, it goes like this, Wade is asthmatic, has heart troubles, likes a drink, his wife Denise, a young bimbo who used to take fenalzine for depression, spends all his money, has a white rose corsage for the wedding and can't stand Wade are the victims, Cindy is to put the fenalzine in Denise's purse, beg her to grab her nail polish from the kitchen drawer, where she has conveniently put Wade's inhaler for her to see, Philip slips Wade the fenalzine in some red wine in a wedding toast, and also put a book on poisons on the book shelf dropping a stolen petal from the white rose corsage nearby. The Wedding starts and Wade coughs away, Mark comes and trips over the dog, which he always does, lots of cheese products are handed round on trays, and come the father daughter dance Wade collapses, Mark shouts for his inhaler, Denise rushes for it, Wade takes it and dies.
    Fast forward to Amanda's postmortem and a suspicious Mark who suspects murder as the fenalzine cheese and salbutamol from the inhaler guaranteed a fatal attack, Cindy goes round wearing nicoteen patches claiming to give up smoking, so when a reciept is found for the prescription and a pack of cigarettes, it looks like Denise was trying to frame Cindy, Mark finds the book, Cindy points out Denise is sole air to the will but loves her dad, and hey presto, she's arrested and charged...perfect.
    But that was just how they wanted it to go...
    reality steps in and a hungover Philip and Cindy meet up with a really nice Wade and Denise, the whole story is played out again with disasterous results, Philip spills Wade's drink and the dog licks it up then goes wild, he also cuts his finger stealing a petal from the corsage, knocks all the books off the shelf and forgets to plant the reciept, Cindy does better, she gets to plant the fenalzine in Denise's purse, but forgets she has a spare nail polish on the dresser so Denise never see's the inhaler in the kitchen drawer.
    The wedding goes ahead with the bride making sure daddy eats lots of cheese puffs that Denise picked out, then wondering why he's not ill, chats to Mark who is amazed he hasn't tripped over the dog yet, then gets a confession from her husband about the drink spilling, fuming she demands he gets more from Denise's purse, but that has changed too, anyway more things go wrong but Wade does end up dead and despite his reluctance Steve arrests Denise.
    Mark however is not convinced and sets a trap for Cindy and Philip, who try to counter act his every move by adjusting the plan, arguing amongst themselves and trying a bit of breaking and entering to destrot evidence.
    The main ones take a bit of a back seat in this episode and the story really centres on Cindy and Philip's evil plot, which is played out brilliantly, Staci Keenan is one of my favourite actresses and is not given enough roles, she plays the air headed Cindy brilliantly, she usually plays the good studious brainy girl, so it was great to see her in a different role, I liked the idea of the two different stories played out practically the same but with the people acting differently, like Amanda flirting with Philip and Jesse with Cindy and being so jellous of them in the perfect murder plot, in reality Amanda couldn't stand Philip, and the dog bouncing all over the wedding ceremony in the reality because of the fenalzine.
    Anyway watch this episode its really great