Diagnosis Murder

Season 8 Episode 23

Town Without Pity

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 2002 on CBS

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  • Recycled plot but timely situation

    What happens when a whole town hates Arabs? We've already seen this plot in several other series. For instance, when Ben Matlock (Andy Griffith) tried to retire, he got himself mixed up in the supposedly "accidental" death of a Central American mechanic. In all these types of episodes, numerous residents of a small town are covering up some terrible secret, either the murder itself or some other crime that led up to the murder.


    This "Diagnosis Murder" episode is significant because Dr. Sloan's (Dick Van Dyke daughter and her new husband are the victims of racial hatred in a small town not long after the September 11 attacks. The residents tie their murder to the first Iraq war, but the message of the series writers is timely because of the real hate crimes going on at that time of people because they were members of the Muslim, and even Sikh, religions.
  • Mark's Daughther ends up missing in a small town, and Mark, Jesse, Amanda, and Steve investagate.

    This episode sure lives up to its title, the town that Mark's Daughter was last seen in, has no compassion what so ever, maybe its because half of the town is in on it.

    When Mark's daughter goes missing in a small town, Mark, Steve, Amanda, and Jesse check it out the town is less then friendly, Mark and Steve even brush it up with a couple of the locals, but when one of their wife dies in a car crash he becomes bitter at Mark Because Mark noticed that the watch his wife was wearing belonged to his daughter, They soon find out that Carol got married and her and her husband died, because of his nationality, and some war that happen awhile ago, after Mark finds out teh most of the town is in on it, they attempt to get help but the engine isn't working they then get corned by the town, but the two people that won't have anything to do with it step forward, just in time for the cops to show up.

    good episode, I can't believe a whole town can be like that take about holding a grudge.