Diamond Bird

ITV (ended 1959)


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Diamond Bird

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The Diamond Bird is a classic children's afternoon TV series from Britain's Independent Television Authority about the adventures of three kids and an old man's search for a mystical bird. This six-part drama taken from ITV's teatime series begins with Old Man Taylor (Arthur Lowe) capturing the attention of Doug (Joseph Cuba), Allen (David Langford) and Janet (Jeanette Bradbury), who decide to help the man find the Diamond Bird. According to Taylor, the animal provides unlimited riches to whoever owns it, and it was last seen hovering over the group's small town. The villain (John Carson) in the series is also after the bird, and he sends his goons to intercept the kids in every place they look. Each episode has the teenagers almost spotting their prize, but something always gets in the way from them actually seeing the bird. By the end of the series, both the kids and the villain begin to wonder if the Diamond Bird actually exists, or if it's just a figure in an old man's imagination.