Diamond Daydreams

Anime Network Online Premiered Jan 20, 2004 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Finland & Asahikawa - Suomi Kitano
      Suomi's ice skating coach Elle picks Suomi at the airport in Finland. Suomi is so excited to see Hanna but she's nowhere to be found.
    • Diamond Dust Drops
      Diamond Dust Drops
      Episode 12
      All the female leading characters come together in this episode.
    • Akari Harada, Part 1
      Akari Harada is a high school girl who's been taking care of the household by working after school ever since her mother passed away. Her father seems to have some kind of illness, but he doesn't want Akari to find out about it.
    • Sapporo - Shoko Saibara (Part 2)
      "Radio Boy" is the regular listener of Shoko Saibara's "Cappuccino Break." He's almost like a stalker. He follows Shoko and sends her all kinds of stuff that she mentions she likes or wants on her show.
    • Sapporo - Shoko Saibara
      Shoko Saibara is the host of a radio talk-show called "Cappuccino Break." She's been having an affair with a married man named Takeda.
    • Asahikawa - Suomi Katano
      Suomi tells Hanna that your wish is guaranteed to come true if you make a wish to Diamond Dust.
    • Sapporo~ Kyoko Asahina (Part 2)
      Things seem to be back on track as Miki comes back to the shooting and apologizes to Kyoko for what she's done.
    • Sapporo~ Kyouko Asahina (Part 1)
      Kyoko Asahina is a college student who's aspired to be a movie director one day. She's been stressed out about winning a better award than just an honorable mention that she got last year at the independant film festival.
    • ~Kitami~ Karin Shiraishi (Part 2)
      Karin thinks Dr. Amakasu is her fan that is writing her, but she discovers that it is actually Nurse Yuuki.
    • Hakodate: Atsuko Akanegi, Part 1
      Atsuko Akanegi helps her mother manage the family business Fresh Fish Akanegi. Upon making a delivery to Jinguji Hotel, a conversation between Minoru and Atsuko reveals their families have arranged their engagement.