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  • Rubbish

    I was a diamond diver/skipper/owner with my own boat for 24 years and everything about your show is rubbish. Its clear you dont deem SAs good enough for your programme and prefer to bring some hillbillies from the us but you should consider getting someone with knowledge of the industry to try and at least keep your facts real. here is a few common errors. 1. Scuba divers fall backward into the sea not diamond divers we climb up and down ladders as our harnesses are way to heavy for the antics you are showing. 2. Lamberts Bay and Saldanha are not Skeleton coast as that area is in I worked for a few years as well) 3. Diamond divers do not "scuba" dive we use a "hooka" system which is surface supply. 4. No one in his right mind will spend 15 hours hand sorting 1200 lb of gravel sorry that is pure nonsense and 1200 lb of gravel is pathetic it should be measured in multiple metric tonns for a trip.5. Although we have sharks on the coast incl great whites no one I have ever heard of has been physically attacked. . rich on a few stones in one month is the most ludicrous thing I ever heard. I took out over 100000 carats in my career not only in SA but many other African countries including the jungles of the DRC and I am not even rich today. I can go on and on which is actually of no avail the only point I would like to make is that although the concept of your show may be fair the lack of knowledge of the industry is glaring and truly undermines the intelligence of those who know the trade.