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  • Loved this show!

    I wish there was some way to see this series again. I love it!
  • Loved it!


    A highly underrated Canadian TV series, thoroughly enjoyable with a wonderful cast. The episode of Donald's wedding is absolutely classic. I defy Moonlighting to have done it better. Also the episode where they are cast in Donald's movie and the actor yells at Christina as they are doing his death scene, "are you going to cry real tears?" and she answers, "only if you promise to really die." The Apple Valley episode, the kidnapping episode that involved the mob -- all fantastic, fresh, and wonderful. Besides the regulars, many actors who have appeared at Stratford were guest stars.

  • Great show!! I loved the storyline and the cast. If the series was available on DVD I would buy it!

    I love this show!! In the late 1980's my best friend and I use to watch it at night during midnight feedings. She lived right across the street from me and the next morning, over coffee, we would get together and discuss the latest episode. We loved the storyline, their obvious affections for one another and the fact that a mystery was solved each week. Our hope was that one day they would get back together. Some of the episodes were a little corny. The cast was great including the supporting actors. Over the years I have seen Nicholas Campbell in small roles here and there. I am happy to see that he has his own series, The De Vinci Enquire. Unfortunately, I have not seen or heard anything about Peggy Smithhart. I hope all is well with her. If this series was available on DVD I would buy it!!
  • Had a sense of knowing it was not going to bring home an Emmy but tried to be worthy anyway. :)

    i enjoyed it for what it was, a late night syndicated drama with no network money to give it some ooomph! The actors were believable and the set up with them being done with their romance was something seldom seen on TV. That made it more interesting than some other shows that failed to last even a season.