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  • I loved this show.

    Diary was a great show where musical artists invited MTV cameras into their lives, narrated by the artist themself.

    The audience gets an inside peek at the artist working, on the road, at home, and sometimes with close family and friends. It was a glimpse at their personal journey life and carrer, which was so nice to see.

    The tag for the show, "You think you know but you have no idea" was great when the show premiered but in today's society, we know all too well the idea of what it is like being a celebrity. If only life was more private nowadays, Diary might still be on.
  • Great insiders look at the life of celebrities.

    Diary was one on the small list of MTV shows that actually dealt with music. Viewers got an upclose look at the everyday life of an artist, actor or someone somehow linked to the two of those. It was interesting to see what they have to do every single day just to maintain their reputation and name. The great thing I liked about this show is that it didn't just show one day in the life either, it showed multiple days or even weeks. For all the episodes I watched I learned something about the person they were about that showed they weren't just a celebrity, they were a person, with real person problems.
  • Diary is a MTV Production show which goes into the private life's of selected Celebrities and MTV's camera follows them to any place they may go such like a singer, they would follow the signer making a video or in concert. This show is awesome its for an

    Diary is a MTV Show which Cameras follow a celebrity around to see into their private lifes, which most of the time they choose singers as for instance they follow the singer if they have a concert, or what work they do that day. For an example on Aaliyah's diary they showed her going to a theme park, shooting the music video Rock The Boat, they also followed her to a radio station which she was a special guest. Aaliyah talked about her life, and how she was so thankful and about the making of her Queen Of The Damned movie. I have to say Diary is a very excellent show, and its one of my all time favorites I just wish that they would show it more ofter its kind of rare so you have to catch it when it comes on, I have no idea if its out on DVD but it should come out on dvd its a great show.
  • Good

    I like this show cause it gives you a little of what celebs do day to day even though they might be acting different for the cameras you kinda get to see a day to day thing with what goes on in there lives and how hectic there schedules are , i love this show cause i get to see my favorite celebs in real life , i get to see where they go and what they are doing and how the feel about different situations in there lives , its very informative and well pictured with confessionals with the stars.