Dice Undisputed

VH1 (ended 2008)


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  • this is the best vh1 show so far OH!!

    unless you hate andrew dice clay then you should at the least be entertained by this showwith his crazy new york antics and high anxiety life but it is not just him thats makes this show funny his two road manager's and even his kids this show is great i could watch and watch it he is so funny with the way he acts and the way he treats people is even better this is the best vh1 show they have had all year even through 2006 I am always being entertained by dice he may not always make me laugh behe is one hell of an entertainer in my eyes there may be some reruns coming on soon if you havent seen this one i would ef see it i loved it alot it neeeds a second season
  • Who lets these shows on the air?

    Seriously, don't people at VH1 actually look over a show before they air it? Im guessing they dont, considering they keep airing nothing but "reality" shows. Andrew Dice Clay.Hmm. I agree with SoylentYellow.... Andrew was well known & popular in the 90's, and now VH1 decides to make a show, featuring him, now that he's a has-been. No one really cares about him anymore, and his jokes are tasteless...up to a point where he overdoes it. I mean, there are many comedians that make tasteless jokes without overdoing it like Andrew. But back to my point, VH1, please, go back to playing more music oriented shows.
  • Why do VH-1, MTV and E! keep making these vehicles for washed up has beens?

    I havent seen Clay in ages. He looks like he was run over by a truck. You can see it in his eyes as he attempts to kick start his dead career at comedy clubs while the viewers watch him do it. He is balding badly and very out of shape.

    If you like your humor raunchy this is the guy for you, though I doubt youll see much of that on this show. For the rest of us? Forgedabout it. His short lived series in the 90s was better than this. This isnt the worst reality show of this type but it ranks down there pretty low.

    The only thing I ever saw that he was actually good in was the movie "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane", that movie was hilarious. The rest of the cast is what made this funny, but Clay was actually good in it. Robert Englund, aka Freddy Kruger, was in it and really helped that movie. If youve never seen the scene where Clay throws an alcoholic drink onto Wayne Newton (playing a crooked agent) then flicks his cigarette onto his chest and, as Newton bursts into flames, says "Youre FIRED!", you havent seen the best thing Clay has ever done. That was probably the peak of his career. Its been all downhill from there.