Dice Undisputed

Season 1 Episode 4

The Dice Image - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on VH1

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  • More great adventures with the D-Man as he prepares to plow over all the current "comics", get ready to be offended and start crying "no fair" all over again. OOHHHH!

    One of the funniest TV shows in history with this disclaimer:

    If you "get" the Diceman character for what it is, an amalgamation of the funniest characteristics, idiosyncracies and attitudes of the New York "goomba" type.

    If you're a politcally correct, ultra-sensitive, holier-than-thou metrosexual weenie, then dice is obviously not for you, stick with Lifetime TV "guys". If you're someone who's always LOOKING to be offended you will be, intentionally, you are the D-Man's puppet. Feminists and jealous comics who call him misogynist fail to understand the parody or understand the parody and wish they thought of the Dice character first.

    I don't know of any MEN in my circles who don't love the Dice act, I know quite a few women who admit he is funny too. No, we're not knuckle-dragging neanderthals. Most of us have nice homes, money, etc., and wouldn't be expected to be Dice fans. The difference is we are MEN, men with a pair between our legs and don't deny our basest thoughts as "primative", just funny, it doesn't mean we act on them, we acknowledge them.

    It's funny to see all the "elitists" (who love anti-religious desecrating "art" and men with bullwhips in their butts) get their panties in a twist. They never acknowledge Dice's right to free speech, they try to ban him like the fascists that they are (they don't see the irony) free speech is only for speech they AGREE with.

    Watching the show I say this to his "critics", it's obvious Dice is a nicer, more loyal friend than most any of you. Has more money than most any of you, has never been a drug abuser like many of you, is a better parent than most of you, and funnier than ALL of you sissies.

    One last thing that you will REALLY hate. Dice's comeback is only a mainstream comeback, if you think he's broke-he's not. He makes about 7 figures in Vegas.

    Dice was the first big fish to fry at the altar of Political Correctness, I hope he does sell out Giants Stadium and shoves it up everyone's arse, no matter, he's still rich, you're still not. Here's to you Dice haters.......................sucking my d!ck!