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Cartoon Network (ended 2006)



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D.I.C.E. brings to life the transforming dinosaur vehicles and non-stop rescue action and adventure of the newest animated show brought from Bandai. This show targets boys 5-11 and is the first property created entirely in-house by Bandai North America for US audiences. Now airing on Cartoon Network as part of their Toonami block, D.I.C.E. is sure to be a long-term brand with significant television commitment. D.I.C.E. (DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises) is an organization specializing in dispatching teams of highly-trained agents to handle various situations that arise in the Sarbylion galaxy. When a problem arises, D.I.C.E. is called to the rescue. And when their special training and skills aren't enough, they rely on their Dinobreakers, which can transform from Vehicle Mode to Dino Mode, to help get the job done! The enormous D.I.C.E. space station is divided into six divisions and each division houses a number of teams. Our story focuses on the young, skilled crew of D.I.C.E. station F99 and their space adventures. With D.I.C.E. no task is too big, no rescue to small. Always on call, always on alert - D.I.C.E. is ready for action!moreless
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  • i like dice.

    i like dice very very very very very very very very very very very very very much. (to fil) fdg dff fd fgfgffdgfg ffffg fg f g fg ffd fd g f fgf gf fd df gfg ff gf fg f f fd fd d gfg fd gdf gg fg f g fg fd fd g g f g f fg fg ffdgfgf g fg gf gffgff gf f f gdgf gfgfg ff f gfgdf ggbg bgffbg b bj bbb b jb jb jb b jb jb jb b hb b b jb jb jb jbb jb jb j bj b.moreless
  • This show is about teenagers trying to save the universe.The main character is Jet and along with his other teamates, he stops crimes.They use these machines called dinobreakers that can transform into fighting things transportation.This show is cool.moreless

    This show is awesome and I can't wait for the new episodes. My favorite character is Jet. This show is all about teenagers and that is what I like about it.I hope they don't get rid of this show.I haven't completely got to see the entire series yet and I want. The episodes that I have saw have been awesome. It starts out kind of boring but later on in the show it gets interesting. My favorite episode would have to be where Jet finds out that The Phantom Knight is his brother. I would recommend this show to everyone.moreless
  • D.I.C.E. stands for DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises. They save those in trouble. This show is like Gundam, Power Rangers and Voltron crushed together.

    Okay, okay I thougt D.I.C.E. looked good from the commericals on YTV neat Gundam or Zoid thingies and all. But it has way to much crap in it, one minute there on a dinosaur the nex after a long transformation it becomes a robot warrior or something with them. I dunno I tried to watch two episodes and thats all I could muster. All the characters are like iconic Power Rangers ideas there's no real character development or anything. I just found it bland and boring. It need some Piazz or something and a focus instead of Just merging giant robots and kids all together. Maybe an Origin story as Episode 1 would of helped.moreless
  • Dice is about people that save other people from random every day life dangers. They have transforming dinosaur vehicles.

    I tought this show looked cool, infact the theme song wasn\'t that bad, but man 30 minutes of what the show is and man i just couldn\'t stand to watch it again, it is a complete bore. and im glad that it doesn\'t take up anymore time on my tv schedule.
  • This show is so awsome! There is some other cooler shows then this, this one is one of the best! Every day it's on, I watch it! And the idea, Transforming Robots, and the idea of it being dinosaurs! Go DNA Intergrated Cybernetic Interpirces! You rule so mmoreless

    D.I.C.E, Is a great show. But the abreviations for what the show could be called, DNA Intergrated Cybernetic Interprices, very weird!

    The Coolest characters are:






    Captian Spike

    Cool! So cool!

    This show hits the big time, well with me anyway. I think this show is better then Absolutly Fabulos, but right now, thats the highest rank I can get here. :3
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    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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