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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Future of D.I.C.E.
      Jet uses the Malusword to battle the Immortal Pharoah and the Luma Sword. F-99 gains some surprise allies in the form of The Heron Knights, but exactly how can Jet defeat someone with more experience, and what will the people of The Heron Universe do when time begins to roll again?moreless
    • The Truth
      The Truth
      Episode 13
      Jet learns that the Immortal Pharoah is really possessed by The Luma Sword, and when the Immortal Pharoah slays Phantom Knight, only Jet has the power to take up his brothers sword and continue the fight.
    • Dinobreakers in Danger!
      The Phantom Knight has united with the wild dinobreakers to take on the Immortal Pharoah, but The Heron Knights are standing in the way. Does Zack stand a chance against his old teammates, and exactly what is F-99 planning on doing to stop this war?
    • A Village Named D.I.C.E.
      While on their way to save the Immortal Pharoah from Phantom Knight, F-99 discovers a planet with the D.I.C.E. symbol and discovers the burial site of their team's creator, captain D.I.C.E.
    • Brother vs. Brother
      The other half of the Malusword has finally re-appeared, and the only person who can prevent Zack from uniting the two pieces is Jet.
    • Planet of Fossils
      The Heron Knights discover a planet full of ancient dinobreaker fossils, but when something knocks them all unconscious, it's up to F-99 to swoop in and save the day. What secrets await our heroes in the cave of fossils?
    • After the Malusword
      With the Malusword once again having been seperated into two pieces, it's up to F-99 to prevent the Phantom Knight from uniting it and destroying the Heron Universe.
    • Jet Transforms, Part 2
      Jet manages to gain control of the completed Malusword, but it appears to take over his body and his dinobreaker. Can Zack and F-99 find a way to free him from the Malusword when the Heron Knights appear to want to destory it?
    • Jet Transforms, Part 1
      The other half of the Malusword is discovered on the Dragon base. Can Jet use this weapon to get his brother to join the team?
    • The Kingdom of B-DICE
      F-99 desires to meet the Immortal Pharoah, ruler of The Heron Universe. They journey to a planet where they discover B-DICE is imperssonating the Immortal Pharoah. Can they stop a war when The Heron Knights discover this treachery?
    • Battle on Planet Lakia
      The rivalry between The Heron Knights and D.I.C.E. begins when D.I.C.E. tries to save citizens in F-99, but will it result in a war between the two factions?
    • The Legend of the Sword
      F-99 learns that two mysterious swords appear to control the Heron Universe, and The Phantom Knight has 1/2 of one of them. Can F-99 trust The Phantom Knight?
    • Take Off! Dragon Fortress!
      A mysterious Dragon Dino Breaker is discovered by F-99. Could this dragon be the faster way they're searching for to cross the Heron Universe?
    • The Amazing Heron Knights!
      Jet and the team of F-99 enter the Heron Universe to keep the secret of immortality safe, but what mysterious groups await them upon there arrival?
  • Season 1
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